About Us

Ride Review is brought to you by the team at Micromobility Industries.

Micromobility Industries first defined and now curates the industry that has exploded around small electric vehicles. With industry-leading events in America and Europe, the#1 podcast and YouTube Channel, and the largest community of micromobility advocates across social media.

Micromobility vehicles are defined as all electric vehicles under 1,000 kg of 2,200 lbs. Basically, everything that isn't what is now considered a car.

Our mission with Ride Review is to help inspire the next 5 billion micromobility users by creating the largest online and offline community for expert reviews, consumer ratings, and test rides. Whether you are looking for a one-wheel, skate, scooter, ebike, moped, dirt bike, NEV, or any other form of small electric ride, we want to be your trusted source for finding the ride that you call your own.

We will do this by aggregating our community along with the wealth of content that is being produced across independent media properties and connecting prospective buyers to the thousands of amazing companies that are changing the way we move.

Everyone should be able to find the ride that is right for them and we plan to create the knowledge base and experiences to make that possible.

Ride on! 

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