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To learn more about the best beginner electric skateboard you can buy at this moment, read the detailed reviews provided in this guide.

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Whether you are a student looking to quickly arrive at school each day or just someone who wants to get into skateboarding for the thrill of it, investing in the best beginner electric skateboard can change the way you commute for the better. 

In today's guide, we’ll focus on the top 5 electric skateboards that are suitable for beginner skaters but can also be a great option for experienced skaters looking to have a bit of fun on the road. If you want to learn more about these skateboards, stick around for the detailed reviews!

What Is a Beginner Electric Skateboard?

A beginner electric skateboard is a modern skateboard with a motor and battery integrated into the design. It has the same shape as regular skateboards, with two pairs of wheels and a flat surface where you would put your legs. 

The only major difference is that the electric skateboard comes with a remote controller you would use to accelerate or slow down. The controller is usually operated by Wifi, while in some cases, you might be able to pair your board with a phone app and control it that way. It depends on the specific skateboard you choose, so don’t hesitate to explore all your options before making your final purchase decision. 

How Did We Rank the Electric Skateboards for Beginners? 

There are many special features that modern electric skateboards come with, but experienced riders would benefit from such features more than beginners. 

When it comes to the perfect e-skateboard for beginners, it would have to be easy to ride and control and have a simple remote that everyone could use even if they didn’t know the first thing about e-skateboards. 

Considering that it would be an electric skateboard, it could also benefit from long battery life and quick charging, allowing skaters to spend more time riding around and less time waiting for the battery to charge. 

Our review team at RideReview focused on these features, and based on them, we selected the top e-skateboards on the market. 

Top 5 Best Beginner Electric Skateboards: Reviews

The following section covers detailed reviews of the most powerful battery-operated skateboards. Let's get right into them.

The Meepo Shuffle S is a high-quality electric skateboard with an extended driving range and a powerful battery that can last for hours. It’s suitable for beginner skateboarders because it’s easy to ride and control, but the price is not entirely suitable for those on a tighter budget.


  • Speedy skateboard that can go up to 29 mph

  • Short turning radius for easier control

  • Fast charging and an impressive battery life


  • Could benefit from an extended range

  • Stiff deck that is difficult to transport

What we love about this skateboard is that you can use it to cruise around and quickly get from point A to point B. However, the skateboard deck is plastic and not entirely durable, which could be a problem.

We recommend this skateboard to beginner riders because the speed isn’t the highest, but it is enough for you to ride around comfortably. You can switch between the speed modes using the remote controller, which is intuitive and easy to master.


  • Regenerative braking for a stable and comfortable ride

  • Durable wooden frame

  • Four different riding modes


  • Not entirely suitable for off-road riding

  • Bottom-integrated battery could suffer damage if riding on uneven terrain

While this skateboard will give you a stable ride on most terrain, it is unsuitable for riding over bumps or up hills. However, it’s still a great investment opportunity.

The Blitzart Huracane is more than just a traditional longboard—it’s an extremely capable electric skateboard with regenerative braking technology and a speed that can go up to 19 mph. We love that the lightweight board is made out of maple and layers of bamboo, making it extremely comfortable and durable.


  • Flexible deck design with amazing quality

  • Quiet motor and smooth riding for all hours of the day

  • Extremely affordable considering the high quality


  • Slight wobbling on challenging terrain

  • Could have used a more extended range

We would have loved to see an extended range and a quick-charging battery on this board. Still, it’s a great investment opportunity for beginner and advanced riders because of the qualities it does come with. 

Even though the GTR line is not something we recommend to complete beginners, it’s still a good investment for those who want to get a speedy yet durable skateboard. The speed can be a bit too much for some beginners, but at least the extended range will get a lot of practice.


  • Remote has an instant trigger response

  • Quality bamboo and fiberglass deck

  • Dependable pneumatic all-terrain wheels


  • Could be challenging to remove the battery

  • Not for uneven terrain

What we love about this skateboard, besides the impressive range, is the flexible bamboo deck and wide wheels that will help you get a smooth ride wherever you go. It’s definitely a great option for those looking for durability and many miles of range above everything else.

The WoWgo 2S might not have the most powerful motor, but it offers smooth acceleration and three ride modes you can switch between. The maximum speed of this board is approximately 28 mph, which is more than enough for beginner riders.


  • Battery pack is quick charging

  • Powerful dual motors

  • Has a decent range of 14 miles


  • Heftier price compared to most other e-skateboards

  • Might be a bit too narrow

This electric longboard is a great option for beginners as it has a great battery size and many awesome capabilities. It also has integrated lights on it, meaning you can ride it at night without fearing being invisible to other drivers.

Wrap Up

If you want to skip the stage of traditional skateboards and get right into the best beginner electric skateboards, you should take a closer look at these options. You won’t regret investing in any of the abovementioned e-skateboards, as they’re definitely on another level compared to other electric skateboards!

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