The Fat Tire Electric Bike Guide

This guide delves into the world of fat tire eBikes, including the Ride1Up Revv 1, Speedrid Electric Folding Fat Tire Bike, SUPER73-Z Miami, QuietKat Rubicon, Rad Power Rad Rover 6, Blix Ultra, and the Biria Electric Folding Bike S2.

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product imageRide1up Revv 1

Make your daily errands and commute more fun with fat tires! Fat tire eBikes have wide, bulbous tires that range between 3-5” in width. Fat tires provide a more stable ride for the rider while acting as mini suspensions to soak up the bumps. Hazards like potholes, curbs, and railroad tracks are minimized as the big tires soak them up. Another benefit to these big tires is that they provide more floatation over soft sand, mud, or snow, opening up more opportunities for adventure.

Fat tire eBikes are fun for any rider, but especially for beginner riders. For all the reasons listed above, fat tire eBikes inspire confidence in new riders, making their initial rides on an eBike positive and fun.  

Let's let the fun begin and check out some of our favorite fat tire eBikes

Ride Review Fat Tire Pick

Ride1Up Revv 1

Ride in style on the Ride1Up Revv 1 fat tire moped-styled eBike. The multi-class speed system lets you choose between Class 1, 2, or 3 (Off-road) modes to suit your needs. A 20Ah 52V battery provides plenty of juice for the 750W motor, and hydraulic disk brakes give you the stopping power you need to keep it all in control. The wide 4” tires will make your ride more comfortable, but the front and rear suspension will tame the worst of urban surfaces.

14 Reasons to Buy the Ride1up Revv eBike

  • Its single gear, 750W motor, and cadence sensor offer an enjoyable and relaxed riding experience.

  • The hidden USB port enables on-the-go device charging.

  • The stylish two-tone LCD offers comprehensive information, such as speed, battery life, and pedal assist level.

  • The walk mode feature makes it easier to maneuver the bike uphill when not riding.

  • An optional storage cage provides additional carrying capacity for your belongings.

  • The Revv 1 offers a versatile riding experience with five levels of pedal assist.

  • An optional storage cage can be purchased for additional carrying capacity.

  • Multiple accessory attachment points are available for customization.

  • The bike combines elements of both bicycles and mopeds.

  • Despite its size, the Revv 1 can be used in bike lanes, offering more commuting flexibility.

  • The throttle feature provides smooth and immediate acceleration.

  • It comes preprogrammed as a Class 2 eBike, with an unlockable Class 3 or off-road mode for higher speeds.

  • The wide tires and low center of gravity offer excellent stability and handling, even when braking.

  • The Revv 1 boasts a visually appealing design that complements its powerful performance.

5 Reasons Not to Buy Ride1up Revv 1eBike

  • Some unbranded components, like the brakes, may raise concerns about their long-term durability and reliability.

  • The bike's weight can make it difficult to transport and store, especially for people with limited space or mobility.

  • The motorcycle-like design might not suit everyone and may cause confusion in bike lanes or roads.

  • Rear wheel flat repairs are time-consuming due to disassembly requirements.

  • Pedal ergonomics are uncomfortable.

Fat Tire Budget Pick

Speedrid Electric Folding Fat Tire Bike

Go anywhere you desire on the Speedrid Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike. Fat 4” tires will suck up the bumps and make you feel like a hero on any terrain. The Speedrid is excellent for beginner riders because it is forgiving with cracks, potholes, and curbs. The large capacity 48V battery provides plenty of range for when you want to keep going because you are having so much fun. Front/rear lights, fenders, and disc brakes all make the Speedrid Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike a terrific value for the rider who wants some fat tire fun.

10 Reasons to Buy the Speedrid Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike

  • Durable build quality

  • Good speed and acceleration

  • Reliable battery

  • Decent range

  • Strong safety features

  • Folding form factor

  • Good value for money

  • Highly versatile on different terrain types

  • Fat, anti-slip, wear-resistant tires offer a comfortable ride

  • Modern, updated LCD display

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Speedrid Folding Electric Fat Tire Bike

  • Small headlight

  • Limited delivery options

  • Relatively low brand value

Most Stylish Fat Tire eBike

SUPER73-Z Miami

SUPER73 has grown a cult following with its retro-inspired eBikes. The SUPER73-Z Miami is an entry-level opportunity to join the world of SUPER73. The 4” tires on the Miami are perfect for exploring neighborhood streets or country trails. The 20” wheels and lightweight frame make this a very accessible eBike for beginner, petite, or young riders. SUPER73 gives you the ability to choose between Class 1, 2, or 3 modes

5 Reasons to Buy the SUPER73-Z Miami

  • The lightweight frame has an ideal size for any rider.

  • The cushy tires make the bike ideal for all trails and terrain.

  • The ergonomic banana seat gives a more comfortable riding experience.

  • Riders can switch between Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 mode, and an off-road mode.

  • Riders can connect the bike to a mobile app for easy stats checking.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the SUPER73-Z Miami

  • Only one frame size is available.

  • Seat height might not be suitable for shorter riders.

  • There is no head or tail light on the bike.

Fat Tire eMTB Pick

QuietKat Rubicon

The QuietKat Rubicon blurs the lines between work and play. This beast of a fat tire eBike is designed for outdoorsmen who need a stealthy, utilitarian vehicle for hunting, fishing, or camping adventures. At the core of the QuietKat Rubicon is the Bafang Ultra-Drive mid-drive motor, which delivers 1000W of nominal power and 160Nm of torque. This level of power and torque is perfect when you need to haul supplies up to your base camp miles in the backcountry. This eBike is designed solely for off-road as the 1000W motor is illegal on most city streets. The 4.8” wide tires roll over any terrain you’ll encounter, and the 5” full-suspension travel will make it feel like you’re riding a sofa. An optional trailer is available to increase the utility of the QuietKat.

14 Reasons to Buy the QuietKat Rubicon eBike

  • The powerful 1000-watt Bafang mid-drive motor offers excellent torque for tackling rough terrain and towing.

  • Large 26" x 4.8" all-terrain tubeless tires provide enhanced grip and stability on various surfaces.

  • An optimized Firelink suspension system ensures a smooth ride, even on challenging trails.

  • A long-range 21 amp-hour battery allows for extended off-road adventures without frequent charging.

  • The torque sensor and 20-amp controller intelligently conserve energy while preventing motor strain.

  • A lifetime warranty on the frame provides peace of mind and long-term durability.

  • A steady acceleration rate gives a more controlled riding experience, even at maximum throttle.

  • Excellent hill climbing and hauling capabilities due to the motor's torque and power distribution.

  • It's ideal for riders who seek a powerful, off-road capable eBike with a motorcycle-like experience.

  • This eBike has a well-designed cockpit with ergonomically placed controls.

  • Specialized accessory kits cater to different riding preferences.

  • Inverted "upside down" forks are great at shock absorption.

  • Customizable fork dampening allows riders to easily adapt the suspension to their preferences and weight.

  • There are two PAS modes (Eco and Sport) for versatile battery management.

4 Reasons Not to Buy the QuietKat Rubicon eBike

  • Not ideal if you prefer a lightweight, agile eBike for racing or urban commuting.

  • It may require time and practice for riders to become comfortable with gear shifting and PAS modes for optimal performance.

  • The added cost of optional accessory kits may concern budget-conscious riders.

  • Some riders may find the Rubicon's weight and large tires challenging to manage without PAS assistance.

Fat Tire Commuter Pick

Rad Power Rad Rover 6

The Rad Power Rad Rover 6 makes commuting on eBike a breeze. It has everything you need to leave the car at home and experience a better way of getting to your job. Range anxiety won’t be an issue with the 673Ah battery delivering up to 45 miles of range on a single charge. 

26” x 4” wheels roll over rough terrain easily, and a 60mm front suspension fork will smooth out the big bumps. You can customize your Rad Rover 6 to your liking with a wide selection of accessories.

12 Reasons to Buy High Step RadRover 6

  • This e-bike has a large battery that can provide up to 45 miles of range on a single charge

  • The new dual display system helps improve the overall riding experience and provides e-bike users with the relevant information in the right location

  • It has a spacious cargo area that can be used to carry groceries or other items

  • The RadRover 6 folds down for easy storage and transportation

  • It has a powerful motor that can assist riders as they pedal, making it easy to climb hills or ride into headwinds

  • The RadRover 6 comes with integrated lights and a horn, improving visibility and safety when riding

  • It has built-in fenders to keep riders clean and dry in all weather conditions

  • The bike has a comfortable seat that can be adjusted to fit different riders

  • The RadRover 6 has a durable frame, built to last

  • It comes with front and rear brakes for quick stopping power

  • The RadRover 6 includes a warranty for added peace of mind

  • It comes with rear light that functions even when the lights are off

3 Reasons Not to Buy High Step RadRover 6

  • The RadRover 6 is a bit heavy, weighing in at over 70 pounds

  • The secondary display is a little difficult to view when riding on a bright sunny day

  • The RadRover 6 is not the cheapest e-bike on the market

Most Versatile Fat Tire Pick

Blix Ultra

Want to ride to work? Blix Ultra 

Want to explore trails in the hills? Blix Ultra 

Want to take the kids to the park and pick up dinner on the way home? Blix Ultra

The Blix Ultra wins our pick for the most versatile fat tire eBike. This eBike does it all and does it well. It has 2 batteries totaling 1334Wh to give you up to 80 miles of range. Add optional racks, baskets, and other accessories to haul anything. 

5 Reasons to Buy the Blix Ultra

  • The bike comes with an integrated front light for better visibility at night.

  • The peak output of the powerful motor is 1350W, which is more than on competitor bikes.

  • There’s a handlebar-mounted display with a speedometer, trip meter, and odometer.

  • The bike has five levels of pedal assist that bikers can easily switch between.

  • The smart mounting points allow you to add various accessories to the bike.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Blix Ultra

  • The charging time is a bit long, at about 7 hours per battery.

  • There is no rear or brake light, so you must install your own.

  • The second battery can significantly raise the bike's price.

Best Fat Tire Folding Pick

Biria Electric Folding Bike S2

Our pick for Fat Tire Folding eBikes is the compact Biria Electric Folding Bike S2. The frame-integrated battery and small wheels give the Biria a small footprint. Add a hinged frame and the ability to fold down the handlebars, and you can store this little (but powerful) eBike in the smallest of spaces. Its 55 lb weight is relatively manageable to lift into a car when you want to take your bike on your next road trip. It has a range of up to 30 miles, so that you can use it for your daily commute or errands around town. The 4.25” knobby tires provide a stable, comfortable ride on any road or path.

10 Reasons to Get the Biria Series 2

  • Comes in red, black, orange, green, white, and yellow.

  • Powerful motor (30+ miles)

  • The battery is integrated into the frame to prevent damage

  • Bigger tires making handling easier

  • Pedals offer traction and comfort

  • Allows you to choose between pedaling or throttle

  • The bike is foldable

  • Shimano gear system offers excellent quality and durability

  • Adjustable stem allows riders to set the handlebars to the desired height

  • The display on the bike’s handlebars comes with a USB port

3 Reasons Not to Get the Biria Series 2

  • Biria offers only one size frame

  • A heavy e-bike weighing in at 55 pounds

  • There are strict rider weight and height limits

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