The Best Mini Electric Bikes: Small Size, Huge Capabilities

Mini e-bikes are a huge hit with people who often commute using bikes. They’re not only the cutest things ever but are also compact, easy to transport, and can be stored anywhere. If you want to check out the best mini electric bikes, go over the top 5 bikes reviewed in this guide to learn more about your options.

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What Is a Mini Electric Bike?
How Did We Rank the Best Mini Electric Bikes?
Top 5 Best Mini Electric Bikes: Reviews
product imageThe STEEREON C30

What Is a Mini Electric Bike?

An electric mini bike is a perfect alternative to traditional large e-bikes that take up more space and are difficult to lift or transport. The mini bike has a smaller frame and wheels but all the other capabilities you would find on large electric bikes. It can have dozens of miles of range, extended battery life, and features such as quality brakes, fat tires, a folding frame, etc.

How Did We Rank the Best Mini Electric Bikes?

The basic feature to look for in electric mini bikes is for the build to be as small as possible while still being comfortable enough for adult bikers.

So, when reviewing the mini e-bikes available on the market, we focused on the build along with the comfort. However, we also looked for other features and capabilities that would make the bike rise above the competition.

Finally, we came up with the top five options that all interested bikers need to know, the reviews for which are listed in the next section.

Top 5 Best Mini Electric Bikes: Reviews

Here are the five best mini electric bikes that are currently available on the market and that are suitable for beginners and experienced riders: 

The Steereon C30 is one of the best mini electric folding bikes on the market. The folding mechanism works flawlessly and makes it easy to lift and transport the bike, whereas the overall design is perfect for riding on all terrain. The range might be a bit limiting, but at least the bike can reach a great speed of 20 mph.


  • Durable aluminum folding frame

  • Quality hydraulic disc brakes

  • Fat tires suitable for on and off-road riding


  • No turn signals on the bike

  • Could have benefitted from a better range

What we love about this folding e-bike is the fact that there are integrated lights, making the bike easily visible at night.

If you’re tired of being stuck in traffic daily, consider getting an electric mini bike like the Super73-Z! With an extended range of 50 miles and a top speed of approximately 20 mph, you’ll get around town swiftly while enjoying the ride from a comfortable and large banana seat.


  • Extra-cushy tires for more comfortable riding

  • Four different speed modes

  • Comfortable banana seat


  • Only one frame size is available

  • Could have used hydraulic disc brakes instead of mechanical disc brakes

While this is a more affordable bike than some other bikes in this review, quality has been compromised in some aspects. If the company decides to upgrade this bike, the mechanical disc brakes could be changed to hydraulic brakes.

The Juiced HyperScrambler 2 has a unique retro design with a large headlight up front and two mirrors to help you look backward. The bike is easy to pedal, but there are also several levels of pedal assist bikers can use.


  • Anti-theft design with key

  • Quality Tektro hydraulic brakes

  • Great range of approximately 100 miles


  • Heavier than most other electric mini bikes

  • Riders cannot adjust the seat height

Even though this is a mini bike, it weighs more like a regular bike, at 119 pounds. Considering the size, it might be easy to store but difficult to lift or transport.

If you’re looking for a foldable bike that comes at an affordable price, you should look at the Sinch.2 closely. This sturdy aluminum bike has a powerful motor and a 500-watt battery that can last up to 55 miles.


  • A great folding mechanism that is easy to master

  • Comfortable step-thru frame that is easy to mount and dismount

  • Extra cushy Kenda tires are excellent for off-road riding


  • Could have used hydraulic disc brakes instead of mechanical

  • No fenders or lights are included with the bike

What we love about this mini e-bike is that it has added storage space in the form of a front basket and rear rack you can use to add anything you want. Whether it’s a second basket or a child seat, you can rest assured that everything will stay in place. 

The Espin Nesta is an affordable electric mini bike with a step-thru frame and mounting points on the front and back. The battery position is very convenient, as the battery will not get in the way while you’re riding.


  • Compact size even when fully unfolded

  • Step-thru frame for easier mounting and dismounting

  • 20-inch wheels suitable for all-terrain riding


  • Not the best handlebar-mounted display

  • Weight rating on the front and back racks could be better

Considering that foldable e-bikes are all the rage nowadays, the Espin Nesta is certainly a bike that has caught the attention of many. The competitive price is great for people on a limited budget, and its many great features make it a great investment opportunity.

Wrap Up

Thank you for reading this detailed review of the best mini electric bikes available. Take a closer look at the bikes we reviewed in this guide, as they all come with some unique features that you could benefit from in the long run!

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