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June 23, 2023

Podcast: The Rise of Subscription from Micromobility Europe 2023

This week we're bringing back a discussion from Micromobility Europe 2023 featuring founders from Dance, Whee!, Swapfiets, Twotone, and Comodule.

This week we are releasing a session from our recent Micromobility Europe show held in Amsterdam on June 8/9th. This one is the rise of the subscription panel that was hosted by Jon Woodruff from Twotone with some of the titans of the e-bike sharing world including Eric Quidwenus-Wahlforce, founder of Dance, Karianne Solfjed Eid, from Whee! and Richard Burger from Swapfiets (all of whom we've had on the podcasts) being joined by Teet Praks from Comodule.

This was an excellent session covering the dynamics of this part of the industry, what's working and what's not and where these folks think that the industry is going.

And with that, here's the panel!

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