April 26, 2024

A First Look at the New Ryvid Outset

Plus, what happens when you submerge an e-bike battery in water?

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PS It wouldn't be the Micromobility Europe conference without an up-close look at look at some of the most promising technologies coming to the market. One innovation for asset tracking we have our eye on this year is GNSS. Check out this new white paper, which explores how the limitations of traditional GNSS technology are being addressed and how enhancements such as multi-band GNSS, RTK and dead reckoning can allow positioning solutions to achieve high precision and consistent accessibility.

What You Need to Know Today

Team Micro attended the One Moto Show in Portland last weekend. This is primarily an ICE event, but some electric brands were present, most notably Ryvid which unveiled their new dual-sport bike called the Outset. We took the Outset for a demo ride and explored the pros and cons of the new ASI controller. Other e-highlights include Land Moto with custom artwork, Portland-based Rev Rides displaying their full (and diverse) e-moto, e-scooter, and e-bike lineup, and an in-depth look at Vvolt e-bikes. Grab a beverage of your choice and watch Tyson’s tour of the One Moto Show!

While we’re on the topic of Ryvid, Lana Del Rey and her dance entourage made a grand entrance on Ryvid Anthem e-motorcycles at the Coachella music festival.

What happens when you submerge an e-bike battery in water? Micah Toll from Electrek decided to find out and throw a Velotric Discover 2 e-bike battery into a tub of water. You might be surprised at the results.

Swiss scooter maker VMAX brought a number of models to the US market last year, with the VX2 Pro being their most popular. After spending some time extended riding time it's easy to see why; it's intuitive to use, built well, reasonably portable, and backed by a solid warranty. The US market variant is also quite speedy, boasting a 28% incline climbing capability with a top speed of 24mph (39kph). We put it through the wringer including a full range test with steep hills and high winds... check out our video review of the VMAX VX2 Pro to see the results!

Ukraine’s military is deploying powerful, longer-range e-motorcycles modified to haul anti-tank weaponry.

The premium French e-bike maker Moustache has refined the J lineup to 3 models all using internal geared hub drivetrains. While not exactly cheap (the base model starts at $5,000), the J series offers many unique and innovative features to ensure a smooth comfortable ride.

Super73 rolls into 2024 with fresh upgrades on current models that feature bold new colorways and UL-2271 certified batteries that can be swapped between different models.

Image Credit: Super73

Porsche reveals the Cross Performance EXC 2ND GEN, which starts at $15,665. It has a carbon frame, Shimano EP801 motor and drivetrain, Fox front and rear suspension, and Magura hydraulic brakes. You can pre-order it now; deliveries begin in June 2024.

Do you love golf but wish you could speed up the game? Now you can with the DJ Caddy Golf Rack. It’s an e-bike rack that lets the rider mount a golf bag and a small cooler directly on the rear of the e-bike.

An electric motorcycle designed to go anywhere, the 2X2 Ultra Bike features huge balloon tires, a built-in gas generator (for recharging the electric battery), and a huge 48V/1.6kWh battery that can operate in a temperature range between -4 to 140 degrees F(-20 to 60 degrees C). It is on sale now at theArsenale for a whopping $15,000.

Image Credit: theArsenale

Ultraviolette launched F77 Mach 2 motorcycle for $3,600. The successor to the original F77 has an improved 3-level traction control, regenerative braking, and a unique Delta Watch that alerts the rider if anyone is encroaching on them and their bike, presumably to deter bikejacking.

It seems like each week, another bike brand launches a new e-MTB bike. This time, the Taiwanese bike giant Merida is announcing two new eMTBs, the enduro eOne-Sixty and the offroad all-rounder eOne-Forty, including a rear rack, lights, and fenders.

Specialized listened to its customers who yearned for the Creo 2 carbon electric gravel bike but found the price to be a barrier. The Specialized Creo 2 Alloy was announced this week and it shares many of the same specs as its more expensive carbon sibling, but the E5 aluminum model is only $4,000.

Image Credit: Specialized

MiRider and Hope Components collaborated to create the MiRiDER One Hope Edition, a top-shelf folding e-bike complete with rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, cranks, and plenty of other premium Hope bits.

Canyon Bikes teased a new :ONfly e-MTB at the Sea Otter Classic. While Canyon folks were stubborn about releasing details, the veiled e-MTB is intended to take inspiration from the agility of dragonflies.

The Conductor Plus from Oh Wow Cycles takes electric trikes to the next level. The company put a lot of thought into the details of this e-trike. It features unique elements like a rear bench that quickly converts into a large cargo space depending on your needs, retractable seat belts for passengers, a differential on the rear axle for smooth turning, and large, bright turn signals and brake lights.

Image Credit: Oh Wow

Hexlox, a company specializing in anti-theft bike wheel thru-axles, showed off new axles and hex nuts explicitly designed to fit rear hub drive e-bike wheels. For those unfamiliar with Hexlox, their components use a special keyed tool to fasten the nut on the thru-axle to deter thieves and keep your bike safe.

Here’s a cleanse for your Instagram feed. A dude skids into the scene on a mini e-moto with a microwave on his head, delivers a motivational tidbit for the day, and speeds away. It’s different…but refreshingly positive!

DAB Motors announces a production-ready gearless electric motorcycle. The DAB 1a features a recyclable battery and controls inspired by 2000s-era game console controllers.

Image Credit: DAB

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