July 13, 2023

🏜 A Life-Size RC Dune Buggy

Plus, the new Apollo Pro Scooter, BMW’s Parkour motorbike, and over a dozen other fun tiny EVs.

Last Chance to Enter Startup Awards…

At Micromobility America this October, we will host our world-famous Startups Awards. Any company that has raised less than $20M in total funding will be eligible to enter pitch onstage. If you would like to enter, please fill out this form. The final deadline to apply is tomorrow, Friday, July 14th.

What You Need to Know Today

Last month on Ride On! we talked to Chris Rey of Apollo Scooters about the fast and powerful Apollo Pro. The innovative new two-wheeler has since launched on Indiegogo, and is receiving rave reviews- check out some here

Over on Ride Review, we just released our Guide to GoTrax Electric Scooters, which covers some buying tips for one of the world’s best-selling escooter brands. Head to the website to learn more about GoTrax, and have a chat with Ride, your personalized purchase assistant. 

The new Goroc TR:X ebike from Flyer is capable of long offroad journeys as well as short commutes through city traffic. Regardless of where you take it, it’s up for the challenge with full suspension, pannier storage space, and a Pinion MGU motor gearbox. 

Parkour! BMW just released their new CE 02 electric two-wheeler, which they say is neither an emotorbike or emoped - it's an “eParkourer.” Despite the confusing semantics, its performance capabilities are clear: the CE 02 tops out at respectable 59 mph and claims 55 miles of range. ​

KTM just introduced their Machina Revelator SX Prime electric road bike, which features the new Bosch Performance Line SX mid-drive motor, and weighs an impressive 29.3 pounds. 

Thok recently introduced their Project 4 prototype e-mtb, which will be a departure from their typical heavy, high-powered models, to a mountain bike that feels lighter and more “natural.” They also partnered with Belgian company Materialise to 3D print the aluminum frame, speeding up the prototype process. 

The Brits at The Little Car Company typically deal in downsizing famous cars into small electric vehicles (see Bughatti Baby II). Now they’ve done something of the opposite, taking inspiration from the 1980s Tamiya Wild One RC car and turning the toy into a full-sized 37 horsepower electric dune buggy

Garmin is now providing bike manufacturers with “Garmin-ready” stickers, meaning you can now look out for these labels when searching for a bike that’s compatible with your Garmin GPS, watch, or other accessories. 

Italy-based Olympia recently introduced their new Hysak electric mountain bike, which includes a hefty 900 watt-hour battery pack that claims up to 181 miles of range on a single charge.

German ebike company QiO recently added the “EINS+ P-E” to their lineup, which is designed to carry more cargo than any of their other models, while maintaining a very compact and comfortable design. 

Zondoo pushes the limits of scooter performance with their new Road Hitter escooter, which features two (count ‘em, two) 4000W motors and boasts a top speed of 68 mph. 

Sarkcyber recently released their HC200 electric scooter, which is built with a slightly more urban focus than their beefier HC10 model. It features a fast charge time of just 3.5 hours, which will get you up to 46 miles of range - plenty of distance for a cross-city commute. 

British company Whyte Bikes recently showed off their first prototype ebike fully produced under the company’s new ownership - a lightweight full suspension e-mtb featuring Bosch Performance SX… quite a stunner. 

The new Ago T ebike is now available from Tenways, which features a comfortable step-through frame as well as an Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub, a cool feature which allows riders to shift gears while at a stand still. 

Historic Danish motorcycle brand Nimbus is making its comeback with a sleek e-moto that’s set to begin production in 2025. 

Zero Motorcycles is taking an important step in improving consumers' “right to repair” - the company will now offer self-service manuals for their customers.

Check out this new beast from Cryusher - the Trax ebike. It rolls on 26x4 fat tires, and it’s powered by a 750W rear hub motor, all for just $2,799.

Belgian company Ellio recently debuted their Max ebike, which delivers some serious muscle via the company’s “2-wheel drive” system, meaning the bike includes a motor in both the rear and front wheels. 

Rapper Lil Nas X was pulled over on an electric scooter in Oslo this week for passing through a restricted tunnel. He was among a group of American tourists who were following GPS directions, and were unaware of the law. 

Last week on the Micromobility podcast, Oliver caught up with Rich Pleeth, CEO of Finmile. Check out their discussion about micromobility and last mile deliveries, and be on the lookout for our next episode this Friday. 

Browse the best jobs in micromobility—and post your own—on our Jobs to Be Done board.

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