June 20, 2024

Cake on the Rise: Swedish Moto Startup Emerges from Bankruptcy

Plus, Bakcou’s new off-road scooter is a beast.

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What You Need to Know Today

Shortly after declaring bankruptcy in February 2024, Cake was acquired by a Norwegian auto dealer, Brages Holding AS. This week, Cake released an update on the core team reorganization and retail distribution network development with the goal of advancing the brand and achieving profitability.

Swiss-based VMAX announces 2 new e-scooters for the US market: the VX2 Extreme and VX5 Pro. The VX2 Extreme ($999) is an update to the VX2 Pro (which we reviewed here) and gets a boost in peak power, range, and incline capability, as well as hardware upgrades. The VX5 Pro is an update to the VX5 targeted at the value-oriented customer ($449) with new add-ons like LED turn signals and larger 9” tubeless tires.

The unique Bakcou Timberwolf redefines what an off-road e-scooter can be. This unique hybrid is equipped with dual 750W motors, AWD, and 4” tires mounted to 24”/20” wheels to create a highly versatile ride that is ready to tackle any terrain.

Image Credit: Bakcou

Riders in the UK are experiencing that 4th-generation Bosch motors are failing from water egress at an alarming frequency. Some report needing multiple replacement motors within a couple of years and replacements not being covered under warranty.

Mahle announced the new X30 drive system. Major improvements include a torque sensor designed to deliver a natural feel and an AI-assisted processor that learns from the rider’s behavior and actions to further refine the electrical assistance.

Bianchi integrated the new Mahler X30 system on its new e-Oltre road e-bike in its quest to create an e-bike that felt like “a true road bike.” The compact X30 motor and battery allowed Bianchi to design a road e-bike that provided natural electric assistance to the rider and minimized the visibility of the motor and battery.

Image Credit: Bianchi

Bikepacking, the self-supported multi-day backcountry exploration and camping on a bike has surged in popularity in the last few years. Could e-bikepacking be the next evolution?

Kawasaki launched the Elektrode 20 and 20FS kids' e-bikes, which will continue to inspire off-road riding ambitions. They have a chainless drive system, disc brakes, and KX-inspired graphics with a number plate.

California-based Ryvid partnered with custom bike builder Cristian Sosa at Sosa Metalworks to create a custom-designed Ryvid Anthem e-motorcycle. This one-of-a-kind project used aluminum instead of steel, which Christian prefers to use for most of his projects. You can contact Christian to create your own customized Ryvid Anthem, but it may take a bit because he only does one custom moto at a time.

Image Credit: Ryvid

KuKirin is accepting pre-orders for its new G2 Master e-scooter. Designed for off-road riding, the G2 has dual motors, front and rear suspension, 10” tires, and a top speed of 37 mph (60 kph). It’s expected to be delivered in July on Amazon for $1,099.

Zero Motorcycles released the limited-edition DSR/X Black Forest which features a stealth black colorway, premium components, and additional custom accessories. The new Black Forest edition will start at $29,900.

Image Credit: Zero

Ola Electric announces plans to launch 4 new electric motorcycles in India by the 1st half of 2026.

To commemorate Batman’s 85th birthday, Hi-Powered Cycles introduced limited-run Wayne Enterprises Revolution W and Maverick W e-bikes. Only 27 Revolution Ws will be built to honor Batman's first appearance in DC, Issue #27. The full-suspension Maverick W will have a production run of 100 units. The Revolution W and Maverick W e-bikes will be priced at $29,995 and $17,995 respectively.

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