July 14, 2023

Ebike Revolution with Cannondale, Cowboy, Vanmoof, Ampler, and Lekker

On this episode, we bring back another discussion from Micromobility Europe.


‍This is this week we are releasing another session from the recent Micromobility Europe which we had in June. This one is the ebike revolution which was hosted by Micah Toll from Electrek who is in our minds one of the best micromobility journalists out there. Please go and check his stuff out if you haven’t already.

He was joined on stage by former guests of the podcast Taco Carlier from Vanmoof and Tanguy Goretti from Cowboy, as well as folks from ebike brands Lekker, Cannondale and Ampler which have coverage across Australia, Europe and the US.

They talk a lot about the global market and what hasn’t hasn’t worked, especially in the owned bike space. We thought it was a really good discussion and we're stoked to be able to share it.

If you like the session you also really like our Micromobility America, which is coming up on the 19th/20th in Richmond in the Bay Area. Come and join the top thinkers and builders in the micromobility space in North America and further afield.

And with that, here’s Micah and the team!

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