July 4, 2023

🧯 FDNY Cracks Down On Unsafe Batteries

Plus, this summer's hottest ebike rebates from Vermont to Pasadena.

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What You Need to Know Today

Over the past two weeks, the New York Fire Department has issued 144 summonses to businesses in violation of Local Law 42, which outlaws the sale of refurbished lithium-ion batteries. The crackdown comes in response to a rise in fires related to faulty ebike equipment.

Also New York City’s congestion pricing plan was finally approved by the Federal Highway Administration, and it could go into effect as soon as April 2024. The plan is designed to encourage car alternatives, like micromobility and mass transit, by charging drivers a toll for entering Midtown and Lower Manhattan during peak hours. Under the new policy, drivers who enter these areas can be charged up to $26 depending on the time of day.

Tel Aviv-based software startup NoTraffic recently wrapped up a $50M funding round, which will help the company continue to expand its AI-powered traffic management solutions. The firm has already established itself as a key innovator in the future of traffic control by developing an integrated hardware and software system that manages stop lights at intersections with real-time data. Now NoTraffic looks to expand itself to a more predictive solution that can help prevent accidents and reduce congestion throughout entire grids of intersections. 

The most recent episode of the Micromobility Podcast features one of the most star-studded panels from Micromobility Europe - tune in to hear the Global Operator CEO Roundtable, which includes CEOs from Dott, Tembici, Swing, and Fenix discussing the pathway to profitability and regulatory trends for shared micromobility.

Speaking of shared micromobility, Joyride, a fleet management service, is now offering flexible vehicle financing for providers.

Estonia-based electric cargo bike maker Vok recently closed a €3.8M funding round. The company will use the funds to help release its new XL model, which can carry up to five times more cargo than their previous models. 

VanMoof recently added UK-based auto repair chain KwikFit to its network of certified service providers.

The big winner of Denver’s ebike rebate (besides ebike shoppers) is Rad Power Bikes. According to city data, since April 2022, the D2C brand has obtained 44 percent of all individual vouchers and received over half of the total $5.6M rebate dollars, surpassing any other retailer by a significant margin.

Every year, People for Bikes analyzes cycling infrastructure and policy in over a thousand cities across the U.S. to identify the best places to bike. In the most recent updates, Minneapolis vaulted to the head of the pack as the most cycleable large city in America.

London-based Papaya recently debuted their B2B commercial marketplace for fleets, which aims to provide more clarity to businesses in identifying and comparing their options for ebikes, cargo bikes, electric vans, and more.

Paris’ Avenue de la Grand Armée is due for a major redesign in 2030 as part of the city’s continued efforts to limit car use and expand pedestrian accessibility. Architects assigned to update the major avenue have released preliminary design plans which include expanded sidewalks and green areas, as well as a protected “bicycle highway.” These changes will come at the expense of two of the road’s six existing car lanes, and will also require the removal of two parking lanes.

On the most recent episode of Ride On!, James and Julia discuss the rise in ebike battery fires and the far bigger rise in U.S. pedestrian fatalities, before catching up with the incredible team behind Apollo Scooters. Plus, as always, we have giveaway updates!

The City of Pasadena introduced its first rebate program on July 1st, which will offer residents up to $1,000 for the purchase of an ebike or electric cargo bike. 

Results from the “Can Do Colorado” ebike pilot program demonstrate the benefits of electric cargo bikes over cars. The program, which tracked the transportation habits of 250 participants over nearly two years, found notable improvements in convenience and ownership costs compared to driving an SUV. Furthermore, e-cargo bikes proved more suitable in a wider range of trips due to their carrying capacity and reduced parking constraints.  

Similarly, a new study from Northern California confirms that ebike rebate programs encourage people to drive less: “Most respondents repored replacing car trips with their e-bikes somewhat regularly (1–3 times per week and 1–3 times per month).”

In Montana, a “checkerboard” of regulations surrounding ebikes on off-road trails has created a confusing experience for new riders. Now city officials, ebike retailers, and trail enthusiasts are coming together to brainstorm new rules and a better outreach strategy.

A bill that would have allowed New York City to reduce its speed limit from 25 to 20 mph failed this week, with opponents arguing that reckless ebiking is a bigger threat to public safety than reckless driving. Seriously.

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