July 6, 2023

🚿 Fiat’s New Tiny Car Has a Shower In It

Plus, a ChatGPT-enabled bike, Verge joins Tesla’s charging network, and a chance to win a sweet new Lectric ebike.

Startup Awards: Applications Ending 🏆

The next edition of our world-famous Startup Awards is coming to Micromobility America in the SF Bay Area this Oct 19-20… will your team be there?

The application deadline is coming up fast on July 14th. Any company that has raised less than $20M in total funding will be eligible to enter to pitch onstage in front of expert judges, including investors, founders, and influencers. If you would like to enter, fill out this form asap.

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What You Need to Know Today

Hong Kong-based Utopia revealed what they claim to be the first ChatGPT-integrated ebike, the Urtopia Fusion. While the full specs of the bike have yet to be released, the Fusion is expected to offer hands-free navigation through voice commands, Apple Health integration, and plenty of other AI-powered features. 

Verge has announced that it will be the first electric motorcycle manufacturer to utilize Tesla’s NACS charging network when it begins shipping vehicles later this year.

French automaker Peugeot has added three new ebikes to their vehicle lineup, including one commuter and two electric cargo bikes. The commuter, known as the “Digital E-bike,” includes a mid-drive motor and an extended downtube. Their “Digital E-Longtail” is a longtail cargo bike, as the name suggests, whereas the “Digital E-Front Load” offers more cargo capacity with a large basket up front. 

Have you heard we’re partnering with our friends at Lectric to give away a brand-new XP Lite? If not, there’s still time to sign up - just head here and follow the instructions to enter this small but mighty folding ebike!

Chinese electric moped brand Sarkcyber recently introduced their HC Ursa 200 model to the European market. Performance-wise, the sit-down scooter delivers a maximum output equivalent to 5 horsepower, a top speed of 28 mph, and maximum range of 47 miles. Additionally, the Ursa 200 battery can be quickly recharged in just three hours, making it a great option for young, on-the-go lifestyles. 

India-based Oben is set to begin deliveries for the Rorr electric motorcycle this month, after generating over 21,000 pre-orders. Priced at just $1,827 USD, it offers a nominal output of 13.4 horsepower and a top speed of 62 mph.

Cowboy recently released their new Cruiser ebike, which is built to offer a more comfortable ride than previous models, especially for long distance trips. Inspired by Dutch bikes, the new Cruiser lends itself to a more upright riding position, with raised, swept back handlebars. Additionally, the Cruiser features a higher gear ratio than its predecessors, Adaptive Power for climbing hills, and built-in Google Maps wayfinding via the Cowboy app.

Canadian company Cycles Devinci recently debuted their updated E-Troy electric mountain bikes, which are all built around a Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Starting at $6,399, buyers have a few spec options to choose from including suspension travel, battery size, and bluetooth controller, which can run them some extra bucks depending on desired upgrades. 

Italian ebike brand Thok recently revealed their prototype P4 electric mountain bike, which is constructed from aerospace-quality 3D printed carbon, and will come equipped with the Bosch Performance Line SX motor. In combining the SX system with a carbon fiber frame, Thok claims to be developing the first “light e-mtb” of its kind. More details including price will likely be announced closer to the bike’s release in 2024, but expect to pay a pretty penny for such high-grade components…

The new Pohlbock eBock2, co-developed by German bike designers Romano Phol and Florian Bockstaller, is a high-powered electric motorbike built with an axial flow motor which offers an impressive 160 Nm of torque. The eBock2 comes in a variety of build options, including enduro, motocross, and supermoto, and also features a rear engine brake configuration designed to bring the eBock down from a top speed of over 60 mph. 

A new ebike brand, Iconic Ebikes, just announced the release of their Iconic Cruiser. The Cruiser appears to live up its name, coming equipped with some fairly large white-walled fat tires, as well as a suspension-integrated saddle, and swept back handlebars, which will produce a relaxed, upright riding position. 

BH, a Spanish bike maker that’s been around since the end of World War I, is out with a new eMTB, featuring quality gear shifters, hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano, and an 80 Nm mid drive motor made by BH. 

New details about Fiat’s Topolino EV, a 8.3-foot-long quadricycle that costs about $10,000, are trickling out… and one detail in particular is grabbing our attention. In addition to more conventional accessories, including USB fan, Bluetooth speaker, and thermal water bottle, Fiat’s new tiny car will come with the option to add a “little shower” that is “designed for those days spent on the beach along the Italian coast.” Quick question for the motorists out there: does your two-ton, gas-guzzling SUV have a half-bath for cleaning off après surf? No? Didn’t think so.

The new Dusty SX ebike from Mondraker is built to offer a capable crossover experience, from trails to city streets. It includes a fairly uncommon combination of drop bars (a common feature of road bikes), and integrated mudguards, which lend themselves to rougher terrain. 

How do you get more people into on e-bikes? Make them cooler, of course! In this op-ed, a former ebike hater explains how he was won over by the latest gen of two-wheeled beauties.

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