April 1, 2023

Globe Haul ST Is Specialized’s Most Affordable eBike Yet

The Globe Haul ST marks a revival of an old line of bikes as well as the birth of a new focus on affordable and capable electric bikes from Specialized.

Following an exciting product teaser last year, Specialized has finally released the Globe Haul ST - the most affordable utility e-bike yet from one of the world’s most popular producers. The release marks the rebirth of the Globe Bikes brand (an offshoot of Specialized from the 1990s) with a new focus on creating e-bikes with enough utility function to replace car trips. Sporting a custom-tuned motor, 60 miles of range, and a hefty 419 pound carrying capacity, the Globe Haul ST is a car-beating machine.

News of the Globe Haul ST release broke amid existing buzz around cargo bike releases from other great brands, such as the Lectric XPedition and the Aventon Abound. While the Specialized name deserves enough hype on its own, the design of the Haul ST is truly made to set it apart from its competitors. Balancing the need for a significant carrying capacity and a relatively low profile frame is a common challenge for cargo bike designers. The Globe Haul ST achieves both of these needs by enabling extensive accessorization and add-ons, resulting in a sleek e-bike frame that is capable of “bulking up” when necessary. Take the bike “as-is” for a cruise around town, and add on the front rack and side panniers for a trip to the grocery store.

In addition to its adaptable load-carrying capacity, the Globe Haul ST can also cater to riders of all shapes and sizes, with adjustable seat post, adjustable handlebar height, and a step-through frame. The Haul ST can also handle flat surfaces and steep hills alike, with five-level pedal assist and a top speed of 28 mph. Retailing at $2,700, it’s Specialized’s most affordable e-bike yet. That said, the Haul ST is a bit more expensive than its competitors, but take a look under the hood and you’ll understand what you’re paying for…

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When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.
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