July 31, 2023

MagiCycle Deer SUV Ebike Review

The Magicycle Deer eBike SUV is the newest addition to an impressive collection of affordable, high quality rides.

By Ride Review Crew

Magicycle is a company that prides themselves on their balance between quality and affordability, filling a hole in the market and creating a buzz among eBike riders everywhere. They hit the ground running in 2022 with the Fat Tire Cruiser, a sturdy mountain bike that became instantly popular. It remains the basis for the designs that followed, like the Ocelot, which, like the original, features a colorful LCD display, long-lasting battery, sleek frame, and extra torque. Recently, the company has revealed their latest model, the Deer ebike SUV.

The Deer  SUV carries a  resemblance to the Cruise, but brings forth an array of new developments as well. The full suspension bike is fully equipped to ride across various terrains. It claims 80+ miles of range, allowing users to take the scenic route, and 96 Nm of torque, propelling riders up tougher climbs and faster across stretches of open road. Further, the MagiCycle Deer is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes for a swift and gentle stop, and its hydraulic coil suspension maximizes comfort and control on any surface, from mountainous terrain to city streets. On top of this, the bike features a brightly lit LCD screen to display information, a 53 tooth chainring to eliminate much-reviled “ghost pedaling”  and cruise control which, similarly to a car, allows the rider to set a speed by engaging the throttle, setting the pace, and holding it for 8 seconds, freeing up the right hand.

Above all, Magicycle’s biggest draw is their attention to quality control, which they clearly demonstrate in the new Deer SUV bike. MagiCycle manufactures their own bikes in their own factories giving them full authority over production as well as design, an advantage that many ebike companies do not share.

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6 Reasons to Buy the Deer Ebike SUV

  • Hydraulic coil absorbs bumpy terrain making off-road rides more comfortable
  • 7-Speed gear set prevents ghost pedaling, offering a smoother, more enjoyable ride
  • Cruise control is easy and fun to use, especially for long or scenic commutes
  • The LCD system colorfully displays info like battery life and is programmable for settings like speed limits
  • Puncture proof tires provide an extra layer of security
  • Suitable and adjustable for riders of varying heights between 5’5 and 6’8

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Deer Ebike SUV

  • Though geared towards all riders, the model may be  less practical for an urban commuter, given its size and power.
  • The step-through model requires a thicker, heavier frame, limiting some versatility in its uses for more adventurous riders



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Bottom Line

The Deer Ebike SUV is a high quality ride for riders of all ages.


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Product FAQs

What are the main features of the Deer Ebike SUV?

The Deer Ebike SUV features full suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, an LCD Display, cruise control, and pedal assist.

How suitable is the Deer Ebike SUV for off-road trails?

The Deer Ebike SUV is particularly suitable for off-road and trail usage, thanks to features like hydraulic coil suspension and puncture-proof tires.

What is the gear configuration in the Deer Ebike SUV?

The Deer Ebike SUV has a 7-speed gear set.

How much does the Deer Ebike SUV weigh?

The Deer Ebike SUV weighs 41.9 kilograms.

What kind of drive does the Deer Ebike SUV use?

The Deer Ebike SUV uses a hub-drive system.

What is the weight capacity of the Deer Ebike SUV?

The weight capacity of the Deer Ebike SUV is 181 kilograms.

What is the Deer Ebike SUV's frame made of?

The Deer Ebike SUV's frame is made of aluminum.

What is the maximum range of the Deer Ebike SUV?

The maximum range of the Deer Ebike SUV is approximately 128 kilometers.

Is the Deer Ebike SUV suitable for urban commuting?

While the Deer Ebike SUV is equipped with various features for comfort and convenience, it may be less practical for urban commuting due to its larger size and power, targeting more off-road adventures.

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