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June 29, 2023

🫂 McLaren Embraces Micromobility

Plus new rides from Super73, GasGas, Citroen, Ducati, and more.

By Micromobility Industries

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What You Need to Know Today

Super 73’s recent collaboration with surfing brand Vissla makes for the perfect wave-chasing machine. This custom S2 comes with a side-mounted surfboard rack, rear wetsuit bag, and a hydro dipped paint job, as well as a stock 750W rear hub motor and 20 inch fat tires.

Stromer has revealed a new solid-state battery, which it is co-developing with Taiwanese manufacturer TD HiTech Energy. The battery in question is made of ceramic, and although it is just a concept for now, the company claims it will offer improved durability and safety compared to lithium-ion.

McLaren Applied subsidiary Lavoie just revealed their first electric scooter, the Series 1, which has a highly capable and reliable design that’s intended to change your perception on micromobility. The Series 1 features a patented three-way folding mechanism that offers a compact profile for storage, as well as an intermediary folded position for parking. With a 468Wh battery and a range of 25 miles, the Series 1 retails for $2390, and for an extra $379, users can upgrade to a 702Wh battery (37 miles of range) with the Series 1 Max.

Britain’s Maeving is now offering their RM1 electric motorcycle in France. The bike offers quite a bit of torque at 160 Nm, but tops out at just 45 mph and claims a max range of 40 miles, so it’s best suited for the urban environment. Nonetheless, the overall design of the bike is a beautiful mixture of modernity and nostalgia, which may warrant the starting price of $8,703.

For a limited time, Ducati is offering a special edition E-Enduro Powerstage RR e-mtb, which features a fully carbon-fiber frame and a Shimano EP801 motor (offering 85 Nm of torque). Full suspension from Öhlins makes the bike especially capable in off road settings. Perhaps most importantly, the new E-Enduro features a remote control seatpost, which is pretty darn cool.

Citroën recently presented a highly accessible concept car, the Ami for All, which is designed for drivers with disabilities. The tiny EV features a nearly identical build to the Citroën Ami, except the accelerator and brake controls are accessible via hand levers rather than foot pedals.

Austrian vehicle manufacturer KTM is gearing up for a complete revamp of their ebike lineup for 2024, from e-mtbs to electric commuters. They plan to introduce entirely new models and update some existing models, all of which will include the Bosch Performance Line SX.

English ebike brand MiRider just revealed several updates, including a folding ebike with 24” tires and a 3-speed gearbox from their sister company G3EARED.

GasGas has introduced the new Moto Urban Cruiser, a moto-style pedal assist bike, with a 750W rear hub motor and 20” fat tires for added fun and comfort. (Contrary to the company’s name, the vehicle is all electric.)

German bike brand Nicolai recently introduced their Saturn 11 SWIFT and Saturn 14 SWIFT electric mountain bikes, which are designed to offer the same lightweight agility of traditional mountain bikes, but with an extra boost of power. To do this, Nicolai equipped the SWIFT line with the new Bosch Performance SX motor and CompacTube 400Wh battery, which together weigh only 8.8 lbs. What results is a line of e-mtbs that all weigh in at around 40 lbs, and generate up to 600W of power without the unnatural jolting sensation of other pedal assist systems.

Flyer recently introduced three new ebikes, including the Goroc TR:X, a hybrid ebike, the Uproc Evo:X, an offroad e-mtb, and the Upstreet SL, an electric road bike. Besides frame designs, the most notable difference between the three bikes is their motor systems: Goroc TR:X features the new Motor Gearbox Unit (MGU) from Pinion, the Evo:X is powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX, and the Upstreet SL operates on the new Bosch Performance Line SX.

Germany-based ebike maker Ruff Cycles recently added the Cargo Buddy to their vehicle lineup, which could prove to be a load-bearing ebike worth considering. While the large container at the front of the Cargo Buddy is capable of handling up to 176 lbs of freight, the design of the bike is quite sporty. Additionally, it features quality components from Bosch and Shimano, which are worthy of transporting the most precious cargo.

The new ES5 from California-based vehicle manufacturer CSC is a valuable new addition to the rapidly growing electric moped industry. Packed with three removable 60V lithium-ion batteries, it claims a max range up to 68 miles, and its 5 kW motor reaches speeds up to 52 mph. Considering the ES5’s performance, its retail price of $5,295 makes it one of the most affordable electric mopeds in its class.

Italian Volt’s new Lacama 2.0 electric motorcycle exceeds the performance of its predecessor with a maximum torque of 230 Nm, a top speed of 144 mph, and a claimed range of 125 miles. Also, the frame of the bike is 3D printed and thus highly customizable. MRSP for the Lacama 2.0 is not available yet, but based on the price of its predecessor, it will likely be somewhere in the ballpark of $40,000.

Vietnamese startup Nuen is currently working on a concept electric motorcycl called NU-E, which takes on a futuristic design and claims some impressive specs, including a top speed of 94 mph and a max range of 188 miles. That said, this is still a concept bike and these specs could very well change come production time.

After a successful launch in multiple Asian markets, Yamaha is now set to launch their E01 electric moped in Europe in 2023. Claiming a maximum range of 65 miles and a top speed of 62 mph, the E01 should prove well-suited for European city streets.

Yamaha also made waves in the world of ebike components recently with their PW-XM motor. The Japanese company’s new motor offers almost identical performance as the PW-X3 system (85 Nm of torque), but in a more lightweight package than its predecessor. Part of the weight-saving design is thanks to the use of Magnesium in the motor’s housing, hence the “M.”

With that said, the new Drive 3 Peak system from Brose is set to give both Bosch and Yamaha a run for their money. Although weighing slightly heavier than the Performance Line SX and PW-XM, it offers 95 Nm of torque, which is higher than both competitors, and it claims up to 410% pedal assist.

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