April 7, 2023

Ride Review Newsletter: 🚵 Gary Fisher Gets in the eBike Race

Plus, Cowboy enters retail stores, a four-wheeled kickscooter for overlanding, and BMW's first MINI ebike.

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What You Need to Know Today

Gary Fisher, the godfather of mountain bikes, just announced his new brand of electric bikes, which he claims will set itself apart from the rest of the market through superior battery capacity. (listen in: Gary Fisher talks about how the history of mountain bikes can inform the future of ebikes).

Cowboy ebikes are now available at Selfridges in the UK, marking the company’s first move into retail stores. (P.S. Want to win a Cowboy 4 electric bike? We extended our giveaway by one more week. Watch Ride On! to find out how enter.)

Chinese motorcycle maker FELO is putting the micro in micromobility with its new foldable, ultra-compact FELOTOO M One. Weighing in at just 82 pounds, this little electric two-wheeler is very reminiscent of the old Honda Motocompo, which was designed to fit into the trunk of a car.

Did you know Jeep made an ebike? It’s true, and they’re not the only ones. More than a dozen carmakers have begun their own micromobility projects - see the full list here.

Speaking of carmakers, BMW’s first MINI electric bike is on its way and will be developed in partnership with Angell Mobility in France.

Fuell is planning to release two of the longest range ebikes on the market with their all new Flluid 2 (225 mile) and Flluid 3 (110 mile).

Askoll EVA introduced three new electric scooters, each specifically geared towards different use cases. The SCOO3 scooter, said to be designed for Gen Z, is a standing three-wheeled scooter with front and rear shocks. The XKP is an app-integrated moped with a rugged appearance. Lastly, the eSPro Connect scooter is an update to their professional lineup of vehicles built for business uses.

Zapp just released their new Carbon i300 Launch Edition electric motorcycle. This ultra-premium build comes with a carbon fiber fender and diamond cut wheels. Production is limited to only one thousand units.

Aidea’s AA Cargo a4 is a unique cross between an electric moped and a pickup truck that has excelled in commercial settings, and it recently received approval for use in Japan.

US-based Zero Motorcycles has announced a new manufacturing partnership with an electronics manufacturer in the Philippines. While Zero will continue parts of its manufacturing efforts in the US, the additional manufacturing hub will help the company meet increasing demand in Europe and Asia.

German ebike producer Bergamont recently added two new models to its E-Sweep line: the E-Sweep Tour and the E-Sweep Sport. Both bikes have a sleek, low-profile frame, with the Tour built slightly more like a mountain bike, and the Sport a bit more like a road bike.

Watch professional e-motocross athlete Aaron Cotlon take a free-ride through the Minneapolis Skyway - the world’s biggest indoor walkway.

Continuing last week’s discussion of ultralight ebikes, German ebike company Rotwild just released one of the lightest electric mountain bikes on the market, weighing in at just 33.7 pounds.

Thailand-based ebike producer Beameo just opened up shop in the UK, offering a range of commuter, folding, off-road, and cargo e-bikes.

Is the Dragonfly electric kickscooter the perfect overlanding accessory? With four wheels, 40 miles of range, patented steering and suspension, it makes a compelling case.


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