June 22, 2023

📣 Mobility Innovation Awards at Micromobility America

Plus, new bikes from Bear Grylls, Red Bull, and more.

Introducing… The Mobility Innovation Awards 🥇

For the first time ever this year at Micromobility America, we will host the Mobility Innovation Awards. In an era where technology is reshaping the way we move, the Mobility Innovation Awards is a platform to acknowledge the revolutionary developments in the mobility sector. The awards will honor achievements across various aspects of mobility innovation in the SF Bay Area on Oct. 19-20.

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“The mobility sector is ripe with innovation, and it’s essential to recognize the key players who are not just embracing the future but actively shaping it,” says Horace Dediu, co-founder of Micromobility Industries and Senior Fellow at the Clay Christensen Institute for Disruptive Innovation. “We are excited to spotlight those making substantial contributions to the industry and setting new standards of excellence.”

Nominees for the awards will include some of the brightest minds and leading companies in the mobility industry, representing a wide range of innovative solutions that have the potential to drastically improve the way we travel and transport goods. The event is expected to draw thousands of attendees from across the globe, including industry leaders, innovators, investors, and media.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the event will feature thought-provoking panel discussions, insightful talks by industry experts, and networking opportunities to foster dialogue and collaboration. We will also be hosting our first invite-only event the day before Micromobility America, with Horace and a group of guests who will be speaking on the advancements in Apple’s spatial computing and the broader tech industry developments in AI and how these two technologies will reshape mobility.

The format will be a live pitch competition for established transportation leaders to showcase how they are driving innovation at the intersection of electric mobility and urbanization. The judging will be led by Horace Dediu, using his unique framework for innovation that he developed while working with Clayton Christenson at Havard Business School. Horace will be joined by a world class judging team that he personally selects.

The program is open to any organization that was founded 10 or more years ago. Space is limited. Apply now.

What You Need to Know Today

Interested in Onewheels but not sure where to get started? Yesterday we released our comprehensive guide to Onewheel boards- check it out to learn more about what this cult Santa Cruz-based startup has to offer.

Brompton has announced a partnership with adventurer and TV personality Bear Grylls in the form of the new Brompton Beyond x Bear Grylls e-bike. The bike, which will be available for purchase this fall, includes a signature Brompton C line folding frame outfitted with a selection of bags and panniers that could come in handy out in the urban jungle.

Italian scooter company Piaggio took their Piaggio 1 scooter up a notch with their updated version by purportedly doubling the vehicle’s power output and improving its acceleration by 14%. Along with greater motor performance, the 1 maintains key features such as a removable battery, spacious cargo compartment, and keyless start function.

Going back to electric unicycles for a second, check out this concept for a DIY one-wheeled scooter from India. The vehicle is built entirely from spare parts and utilizes a balancing sensor to keep the rider upright.

Want to never charge your ride again? Check out this cool new solar-powered scooter. The vehicle, dubbed the S80 Solar Scooter, requires roughly half a day of direct sunlight to fully charge, and gets about 22 miles of range on a full battery.

Swiss e-bike brand Stromer recently partnered up with RedBull to deliver their sporty ST7 ARBR urban commuter. In addition to the handsome Red Bull-inspired colorways and logos, the ST7 deserves some applause as a truly a high-performing e-bike, packing 52 Nm of punch via a 750W rear hub motor and a C1.12 gearbox from Pinion. It also includes an impressive 1440 Wh battery that claims up to 110 miles of range.  

UK-based EV company Ark just revealed their Zero neighborhood electric vehicle, a two-person quadricycle with 50 miles of range and a top speed of 28 mph. Ark touts the “monocoque design” of the Zero, as the body and chassis of the vehicle are integrated into one single piece, making it safer and more rigid. Not to mention, it also includes the same convenient features of most modern cars like a backup camera, keyless start, and bluetooth connectivity. At $7,650, the Zero purports to be the UK’s most affordable electric “car.”

Considering a cross-country e-bike trip this summer? Take a look at Electrek’s review of the Aniioki A8 Pro Max - with a battery capacity of 2800 Wh and a claimed max range of 200 miles on pedal assist, this may be the best bike for the job. As a bonus, it’s also rocking a dual suspension setup, hydraulic disc brakes, and a handy rear rack.

Canadian e-bike company Devinci recently introduced their new E-Griffin and E-Cartier commuter models. Both bikes check almost every box for performance with Shimano EP801 motors, 725 Wh batteries, 100mm of front suspension, and hydraulic disc brakes. Additionally, the new models include a dropper seat post and trouser guard for added convenience. Differences between the two models lie mostly in their frame designs, with the E-Griffin offering a slightly more sporty design than the comfort-focused E-Cartier.

Belgium-based Ahooga just released their Ahooga Max folding e-bike, which has an adjustable handlebar stem and a triangular frame design that folds down in just three seconds for easy storage. In addition to its impressive folding capabilities, the Max includes quality components like hydraulic disc brakes, a torque sensor, and a Shimano Nexus 7-speed transmission.

Canyon just released the updated version of their Neuron:ON e-mtb, which now is available in a carbon fiber frame, making the bike lighter and simultaneously more sturdy than before. Furthermore, the bike now comes equipped with 140 mm of suspension travel and 29-inch tires - two suitable additions for an off-road bike. Canyon offers a selection of Bosch PowerTube batteries to fuel the Neuron:On’s Bosch Performance Line CX motor, and the entire system is accessible via the Bosch eBike Flow app.

The new Arrow off-road scooter from Ampyre is not your average standing two-wheeler. This vehicle, which looks a lot like an e-mtb without a seat, features a 3,000W rear hub motor, 29-inch all-terrain tires, and a dual suspension setup. Available in street legal and off-road versions, it can reach up to 16 mph and 37 mph, depending on your choice.

Meet Metorbike, the electric moped that sounds like a gas-powered motorcycle, but without the emissions. Designed by two engineers in Hamburg, Metorbike takes the classic look of a cafe cruiser motorbike and adds on a 2.72 hp brushless motor and a lithium nickel manganese oxide battery. The sound of the bike is created by an integrated “controller area network” sound module, which comes with a stock motorcycle sound plugin, and additional sounds are available for purchase including a V6 car engine.

Pinion is showing off their new Motor Gearbox Unit (MGU), which combines their sealed gearbox with an 800W brushless motor for “less junk in the trunk” (their words, not ours). Pinion’s MGU is available in 9-speed and 12-speed setups, and it comes compatible with an entire ecosystem of batteries, displays, controllers, and more via a partnership with FIT EBikes.

Similarly, Bosch just revealed their new Performance Line SX motor, which claims a peak power of 600W and 55Nm of torque, all while weighing just 4.4 pounds. Alongside the motor, they’ve also introduced their CompacTube 400 battery, which has a capacity of 400Wh and also weighs just under 5 lbs. The new motor and battery combo is expected to appear in a wide range of commuter and off-road bikes this fall.

One of the first bikes to feature the new Bosch Performance Line SX motor will be the Norco Fluid VLT e-mtb. While the exact specs of the new Norco model have yet to be announced, the company has indicated that the Fluid VLT will be available in a variety of frame options including a full carbon build. It’s expected to hit the shelves in the spring 2024.

Jobs to Be Done

If you or anyone you know is looking for their next career opportunity, you can browse the best jobs in micromobility—and post your own—on our Jobs to Be Done board.

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