June 20, 2023

🌍 Nat Geo Joins eBike Bandwagon

Plus, US cities begin to repeal scooter bans.

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What You Need to Know Today

Last week on The Micromobility Podcast, Oliver sat down with our very own Horace Dediu to discuss the Apple Vision Pro and its applications within urban mobility. Horace made his name as the “King of Apple Analysts” before coining the term “micromobility,” so you won’t want to miss this one. Listen in.

On Ride On!, James takes us through a quick recap of Micromobility Europe, as well as some notable product releases. Our giveaways for the NIU KQi3 Pro and Lectric XP 3.0 will be wrapping up this Friday - to enter, submit your email at the giveaway link(s) provided, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and leave a comment!

National Geographic makes the case for electric bikes as the future of green transportation. “When it replaces trips made by a car, an individual e-bike can reduce CO₂ by 225 kg/year. That’s equivalent to the emissions produced by one passenger flying economy from Philadelphia to Chicago."

Micromobility Europe was a hit - but don’t just take it from us, check out Electrek’s take on the coolest vehicles, gear, gadgets from our Amsterdam conference.

Transport for London’s new Cycling Action Plan seeks to continue the growth of cycling in the nation’s capital, pushing for 1.6M daily cycling journeys by 2030. To achieve this, the TfL plans to expand existing bike infrastructure such that 40% of citizens live within 400 meters of a cycleway.

Cargo Revolution, a UK campaign dedicated to decarbonizing delivery services, recently published research indicating that transitioning delivery vans to cargo bikes could save taxpayers ÂŁ600 million a year. The organization estimates that 17% of deliveries could be replaced by cargo bikes, which would remove 8,500 diesel vans from the roads.

Europe saw a 33% increase in dockless bike trips, compared to a 12% increase in docked bike trips, in Q1 of 2023, year-over-year.

In Paris, the construction of bike lanes appears to have contributed to faster response times for firefighters by over a minute. While the lanes reduce the overall amount of congestion on the road, they are wide enough to also serve as emergency access routes for fire trucks.

Looking to reduce traffic, road fatalities, and emissions, many US cities that had once banned shared micromobility providers are now reversing their decisions, including Atlanta, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Colorado Springs, Nashville, St. Louis, Dallas and Richmond.

Shared cargo bike provider Cargoroo recently wrapped up a €1M funding round, which will allow the company to expand their fleets in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. With a successful subscription pilot underway, the company also plans to officially introduce longer-term payments to attract a larger customer base.

Dance is partnering with car-sharing provider Miles to deliver a more holistic transportation experience for both firms’ customers. The partnership, which just launched in Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich, will offer Dance customers discounted access to Miles’ service, and vice versa.

Segway recently completed one of the world’s first life cycle analysis for e-scooters, verifying the environmental impact of their S90L, Max Plus, and Max Plus X models. The analysis was conducted by the certification team at TÜV SÜD, which traced the entire supply chain for each product, quantified the relevant emissions, and highlighted opportunities to lower emissions.

The case against “right on red”: a law that allows drivers to turn right at a red light is finally being repealed by a few local governments in the US. Initially implemented in the 1970s, the “right on red” law was intended to reduce gas usage, but research shows that it poses a threat to pedestrians and cyclists, who are often unseen during the turn.

Following a successful shared scooter pilot in the Bronx, New York plans to expand the program to Queens next year. The expansion was encouraged by overwhelming support in the Bronx, as over 100,000 citizens created accounts over the past two years, generating over two million rides...

Thomas Bingelli, founder of Thömus bikes and former board member of Stromer, recently revealed his new premium ebike brand Twinner. The company’s first model, which was revealed earlier this month, is constructed almost entirely of carbon, and it includes a rear view camera as an added safety feature.

A recent court ruling in Bavaria denies authorities the right to ban private individuals from riding e-bikes or e-scooters. As of now, citizens that are convicted of impaired driving in a car can be banned from operating a car, but the same does not apply for e-bikes and e-scooters, which do not require a driver’s license.

In India, startups have become the defacto leaders in the electric two-wheeler revolution, not established automakers. Although established vehicle brands lead the electric car industry, electric scooters have disrupted the Indian auto industry, and startups accounted for more than half of new electric two wheelers released this past year. One industry expert explains this trend by pointing out that younger companies haven’t built out extensive combustion engine supply chains, and therefore they are more well-positioned to go “all out” on electrification.

Rising housing prices in Branson, Missouri have pushed many essential workers far way from the city center. Now a local nonprofit is helping residents to purchase mopeds for no money down so they don’t have to drive.

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