August 29, 2023

🤦 Paris Bans Scooters... Right Before Olympics

Plus an Aussie startup brings all-inclusive ebike subscriptions to SoCal.

What You Need to Know Today

On the latest episode of Ride On! James chats to Dan Carr, founder of Wombi, about how his company is tapping into Americans’ desire to drive less by providing access to electric cargo bikes through a convenient subscription service. 

Wombi is brand new in the U.S. — orders launched today, in Los Angeles — but the company started in Australia as Lug+Carrie and has a history of helping people find car alternatives. Customers can pick a Wombi bike that suits their lifestyle, customize it with accessories, and enjoy free delivery. The subscription includes full bike maintenance, insurance, and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs, such as adding child seats or pet carriers. Listen in to get the full story below.

China’s electric bike charging stations could serve as a model for other countries as they develop their own EV infrastructure. In China, stations appear frequently and are fitted with an array of outlets. Most riders carry their own chargers and pay to use the stations based on the amount of time and power they consume. 

A good argument for why motorists should want to see more ebikes on the road: “Studies have shown that a mere 10% shift from car drivers to bike riders has resulted in a 40% reduction in traffic congestion. Even if you never touch an ebike, you would benefit from supporting their increased use.” 

Tiny EV maker Arcimoto has teamed up with Department of Defense contractor Matbock, opening the door to the possibility of the U.S. military using its trikes. Arcimoto, known for its “impossibly small box truck,” will be selling its electrical systems architecture and energy storage systems to the DOD contractor.

India, ever on the forefront of the micromobility revolution, is currently producing a new electric moped every 90 seconds. And registrations for such vehicles have shot up 10x in the past three years.

Related: Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal says it’s time for India to shut down production of ICE mopeds. And hey, just because his company makes a highly popular model of electric moped doesn’t make him wrong… 

In the Netherlands, people really like bikes – even race car enthusiasts. At the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort this past weekend, an incredible 97% of spectators arrived by active transportation.

New data from the UK Department for Transport shows that 85% of car drivers break 20 mph (32 kmph) speed limits.

Students returning to college this fall may be surprised to find electric bikes are no longer allowed on their campus. Citing concerns about collisions and battery fires, several U.S. universities, including Fordham University, Boston College, and San Diego State University, have recently attempted to limit or even ban battery-powered personal transportation devices. 

EGO, the cordless power tool manufacturer, has just unveiled an innovative development: their modular batteries are now compatible with a brand-new electric mini bike.

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Paris’s ban on shared (but not privately owned) scooters goes into effect this week, making the French capital one of the only European cities to prohibit this eco-friendly form of two-wheeled rentals. With the 2024 Olympics approaching, local operators are trying to ramp up their ebike fleets to compensate for the loss of scooters.

After a tumultuous year, scooter operator Bird is pledging to continue cutting costs, with additional layoffs planned for Q3.

In the Georgia town of Peachtree City, it’s unlikely that you’ll spot a car driving down the road or parking in front of the school or grocery store. Instead, you’ll probably see a golf cart. The town, which is full of narrow, low-speed streets, is designed to be traversed by neighborhood electric vehicles, as they are formally known. Out of the town’s 13,000 households, 9,300 of them have registered a golf cart, a transportation alternative with significantly reduced emissions. 

Photographer: Levi Mandel for Bloomberg Businessweek

In Northwest Arkansas, the past ten years have seen a tremendous influx of bike-friendly investment from government agencies and philanthropists, helping turn the area into a bustling cycling mecca. From mountain biking trails scattered throughout the woods to the impressive Razorback Greenway, one study showed that the area’s biking infrastructure generated $159M in local economic impact, a result that could be a model for community development around the country.

AutoTrader, the U.K.’s largest online automotive marketplace, announced it will begin listing electric bikes from nearly 50 brands, including Brompton and Raleigh.

Honda is attempting to catch up with the rest of the rapidly growing swappable battery market for electric motorbikes by deploying its Honda Mobile Power Pack in Indonesia.

Residents of New Haven received more ebike vouchers than any other city in Connecticut during a recent round of applications. Local officials say that having a climate office, which was tasked with educating the community about the application process, made the difference. 

Following the remarkable rollout of Colorado’s ebike rebate—one of the largest in the country— the City of Boulder says that its own municipal voucher, good for up to $1,600 in incentives, will return this week.

Decade-old British ebike brand EBCO is relaunching after pandemic-induced hiatus, promising new bikes with “significant improvements in technical features.”

Several bike shops in Belgium and the Netherlands are testing out an interesting new exchange program that allows motorists to trade in old automobiles for electric bikes.

British television and radio show personality Jeremy Vine says drivers in cities should… pull over for cyclists? Vine, notorious for his disdain for bad motorists, says cars are getting in the way of two-wheeled commuters. We like it. 

Check out this neat animation showing the growth of NYC’s protected bike infrastructure since 1997.

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