April 28, 2023

Ride On! #11: Lectric Giveaway Week 2! 路 Whizz Co-Founder on NYC Delivery Riders 路 Ebikes are 馃挭馃ウ!

So many topics and a cool interview with the Co-Founder of Whizz on NYC Delivery Vehicles!

We are giving away a Lectric XP Lite!

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.0:00 Some Announcements (Lectric Giveaway continues, 1 minute Review, Julia's RadRunner first thoughts)

3:54 In the U.S., electric bikes are defying the bike downturn and outselling electric cars. Last year ebike sales exceeded 1M units, making up 19% of the total bike market sales dollars. (And it鈥檚 important to note, these numbers typically exclude online sales.)

10:14 Launches: Gazelle Bikes has released four new Dutch-style electric bikes, each suiting a different need. All of the models feature front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, fenders and racks (including the popular MIK rack that accepts a wide range of attachments and accessories), GPS tracking through the Bosch Smart System, integrated LED lighting, and Dutch-style wheel locks for anti-theft protection.Velotric is out with a pair of brand-new ebikes that target urban commuters. The Thunder 1 and Thunder ST, as they鈥檙e called, both weigh 36 lbs (16 kg), come with torque sensors, and are compatible with Apple Find My. Fiido is back with some of the cheapest electric gravel bikes we鈥檝e seen yet. The C21 and C22 both cost only $1599. But add-ons鈥攊ncluding a Fiido-specific smartwatch for monitoring your vitals鈥攚ill cost extra. The eXC1 and eXC2 are Denago鈥檚 first models featuring mid-drive motors. The eXC1 (MSRP $2,749) offers a Bafang M410 motor and Suntour XCM32 fork with a 500Wh battery; the upgraded eXC2 model (MSRP $3,199) adds a dropper seatpost, Bafang M510 motor, and larger 672Wh battery.19:35 In response to a series of incidents in which low-cost ebikes used by delivery workers caught fire in New York City, Uber is funding an innovative buy-back program to get unsafe batteries off the streets. Through partnerships with the ebike company Zoomo and the nonprofit Equitable Commute Project, couriers will be able to trade in old ebikes for credit towards a new one. With many cities considering restrictions on ebikes, Uber鈥檚 initiative is a creative way to ensure deliveries keep flowing.Uber鈥檚 move comes at the same time as New York City is considering pair of new ebike safety bills. The first would require businesses using ebikes for commercial purposes to provide workers with fireproof or fire-resistant containers to charge and store removable batteries. The second would aim to establish a program to provide reduced- or no-cost lithium-ion batteries. (So鈥 like a subsidy?)

26:04A new study from Germany suggests that electric bikes can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer among older adults.The study involved 10,000 adults with an average age of 60 who were tracked over a period of four years. It found that riding an ebike regularly can drop the risk of heart attack by 40%

32:23Ksenia Proka, Co-Founder of WhizzWhizz, a New York startup that provides full-service ebikes for delivery couriers through a subscription model, has raised $3.4M in seed funds.

47:00Amsterdam, already one of the least car-dependent cities in the world, is redoubling its climate commitment by closing sections of several streets to automobile traffic. (Maybe we should do a field trip of Amsterdam鈥檚 latest road improvements during Micromobility Europe this June鈥)

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