Giving away a Lectric XPedition

Ride On! #4 Lectric Giveaway w Levi Conlow · Berlin's Wet Hot Car-free Summer · Lime Profitable

February 27, 2023

This week Ride On! has its first-ever guest, Lectric eBikes founder and CEO Levi Conlow.

February 27, 2023

This week Ride On! has its first-ever guest, Lectric eBikes founder and CEO Levi Conlow. Levi joins to talk about the brand new XPedition, Lectric’s first e-cargo bike. Hosts James and Julia were seriously impressed by Levi’s pitch and will be giving away an XPedition to one lucky Ride On! Subscribe and comment for your chance to win. The winner of the eBike will be announced on next week's show, so tune in.

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To explain a little bit about how we will run the show. Julia and James take a few topics from the Micromobility Newsletter and discussing them in more detail. Topics can range from new vehicles and business models, to government policy and city infrastructure. Our goal is to better explore and snapshot the weekly happenings of the fastest growing and funnest form of mobility in the world: small, electric vehicles.

0:00 The Micromobility Startup Awards

05:38 Berlin’s Car-Free Summer

09:06 EU Wants 2x Cycling

11:14 Dance Raises $$ for Subscription

12:44 A Micromobility Powerhouse in the Making

16:51 Guest Levi Conlow Pitches the New Lectric XPedition

33:48 XPedition eBike Giveaway!

35:30 Meet MDS 2.0

38:30 (Over)regulating Shared Micromobility?

42:31 Lime’s Profitable

45:37 New Rides from Solar P1, Apollo, Defiant

51:37 Julia Interviews America’s EV Chief

53:00 Are EV Pickups Actually Good for Climate?

54:07 The Great American Rail Trail

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