July 10, 2023

Ride On! #21: Vela 2 Giveaway · Best US Bike Cities · More Incentives

Julia and James are giving away a Lectric eBike and Vela 2! They also discuss the best US cities to ride in and other incentives.

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We are giving away Lectric XP Lite!

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00:00 Intro

02:03 Lectric Giveaway and Ride Review Preview!

07:51 US Best Bikeable Cities

20:01 eBike Rebates

24:03 New Vehicle Launches

29:10 Meet Justin Kosmides, CEO of Vela Bikes and Win a Vela 2!


People for Bikes analyzes cycling infrastructure and policy in over a thousand cities across the U.S. and 250 across the world to identify the best places to bike.Paris’ Avenue de la Grand Armée is due for a major redesign in 2030 as part of the city’s continued efforts to limit car use and expand pedestrian accessibility. Rebates & Results Results from the “Can Do Colorado” ebike pilot program demonstrate the benefits of electric cargo bikes over cars. The program, which tracked the transportation habits of 250 participants over nearly two years, found notable improvements in convenience and ownership costs compared to driving an SUV.

Vermont is relaunching its statewide ebike incentive program, which will allocate $150,000 in the form of prepaid debit cards to be used at certified dealers. The cards will provide residents with up to $800 to purchase an ebike or electric cargo bike.

The City of Pasadena introduced its first rebate program on July 1st, which will offer residents up to $1,000 for the purchase of an ebike or electric cargo bike.

Similarly, a new study from Northern California confirms that ebike rebate programs encourage people to drive less: “Most respondents reported replacing car trips with their e-bikes somewhat regularly (1–3 times per week and 1–3 times per month).”


Citroën recently presented a highly accessible concept car, the Ami for All, which is designed for drivers with disabilities.

McLaren Applied subsidiary Lavoie just revealed their first electric scooter, the Series 1 , which has a highly capable and reliable design that’s intended to change your perception on micromobility. ​​

New details about Fiat’s Topolino EV, a 8.3-foot-long quadricycle that costs about $10,000, are trickling out… and one detail in particular is grabbing our attention. In addition to more conventional accessories, including USB fan, Bluetooth speaker, and thermal water bottle, Fiat’s new tiny car will come with the option to add a “little shower” that is “designed for those days spent on the beach along the Italian coast.”

Cowboy recently released their new Cruiser ebike, which is built to offer a more comfortable ride than previous models, especially for long distance trips. Inspired by Dutch bikes, the new Cruiser lends itself to a more upright riding position, with raised, swept back handlebars.

Meet Vela!

Justin Kosmides, CEO of Vela Bikes, Banker turned bike maker.

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