July 18, 2023

Ride On! #22: Why did Vanmoof go under? SF city officials caught lying about traffic collision data

Julia and James dive in to topics ranging from Vanmoof going under to the SFMTA being accused of manipulating data. Plus we are giving away a Vela electric bike!

By Ride Review Crew

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00:00 Intro, ebiking in Colorado

03:00 Lectric Winner and Vela Giveaway!

05:41 Vanmoof goes Poof

12:00 Cowboy new app to unlock Vanmoof bikes

12:53 Form factor matters?

17:30 Rad pulling out of Europe, Lectric now the largest?

22:05 Shared micromobility comeback

28:17 SF MTA corruption around Autonomous cars?

39:47 Vehicle Launches

43:50 Marcus Li CEO of Eli Electric

Vanmoof goes Poof.

Cult ebike brand VanMoof has paused sales and some of its top execs are departing or taking lower roles. The company has yet to release an official statement on the abrupt changes, but sources say that they are trying to secure a bridge round to keep the business afloat.

After several bouts of layoffs and lawsuits, US-based D2C ebike seller Rad Power has announced that it will be pulling out of the European market by 2024, opting to focus its efforts entirely on North America.

Lectric might have overcome market share in the US…but RadPower does better with accessories and customer repair centers.

A comeback in Shared?

“We are aiming for sales of $100 million this year.” How Swing's franchise model allowed it to become one of the few profitable shared micromobility companies in the world, with over 100,000 vehicles in South Korea.

By contrast, CEO Wayne Ting says Lime’s pathway to profitability involved investing in more durable, modular scooters as well as better technology for operational crews. Won tenders 90% of the time.

Amsterdam’s city leaders say they want to see more shared cargo bikes, mopeds, and cars on the street in an effort to reduce car usage.

The Truth and Lies About Driverless Cars in SF Garry Tan exposes some wild accusations against the city of San Francisco MTA that appear to be true!


Last month on Ride On! We talked to Chris Rey of Apollo Scooters about the fast and powerful Apollo Pro. The innovative new two-wheeler has since launched on Indiegogo, and is receiving rave reviews- check out some here

Parkour! BMW just released their new CE 02 electric two-wheeler, which they say is neither an emotorbike or emoped - it's an “eParkourer.” Despite the confusing semantics, its performance capabilities are clear: the CE 02 tops out at respectable 59 mph and claims 55 miles of range. ​

The Brits at The Little Car Company typically deal in downsizing famous cars into small electric vehicles (see Bughatti Baby II). Now they’ve done something of the opposite, taking inspiration from the 1980s Tamiya Wild One RC car and turning the toy into a full-sized 37 horsepower electric dune buggy.

The new Ago T ebike is now available from Tenways, which features a comfortable step-through frame as well as an Enviolo Stepless Shifting Hub, a cool feature which allows riders to shift gears while at a stand still.

Eli Electric

We have Marcus Li, CEO and Founder of Eli Electric Vehilces with us

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