July 21, 2023

Ride On! #23: Small vehicles for the military? Paris fat shames cars | Meet the McLaren of Scooters

Julia and James talk about our first Ride Expo in October, the military using small electric vehicles, Paris fat shaming cars and sit down with the McLaren of Scooters.

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00:00 Intro

01:17 Vela 2 giveaway, Ride On! on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, Ride Expo date announced

05:45 Vanmoof Updates

10:40 City of London, bikes are bigger than cars

12:24 Prince William is scooting

14:55 Law says auto-besity is out of control

17:13 Small vehicles for the military?

24:00 Vehicle Launches (Tesla, Velotric and more)

29:13 Meet Eliott Wertheimer, CEO and Founder of LAVOIE, part of McLaren Applied

Biking is taking over in London

New data from the City of London reveals an important mobility milestone for the U.K. capital - bicycles now represent a larger portion of city traffic than cars.

Prince William has bought an electric scooter to travel around the Windsor estate

Paris City Hall signed a new measure that will charge larger/heavier vehicles a higher fee for city parking. The law is aimed at discouraging so-called “auto-besity” and incentivizing the use of smaller vehicles.

Officials say the number of SUVs in the city has increased by 60% over the last four years and they now make up 15% of the 1.15m private vehicles parked in Paris every evening.

British soldiers may adopt electric bikes fitted with rocket launchers Military contracts will be a big win for micromobility companies, wen?

Vehicle Launches

Tesla’s interest in ebikes is all speculative for now, but their Cyber Truck-inspired kids’ four wheeler is very real and arguably much cooler. The tiny quad is now going on sale in China after selling out in the U.S.

French tech company Cixi recently showed off their new chainless drive system through a collaboration with LOOK bikes. Cixi says the drive system can propel a vehicle up to 74.5 mph, so it’s no surprise that Cixi plans to use the system for higher-speed vehicles such as motorcycles too.

Borealis also just released their first electric mountain bike, the Keystone, which comes with a full suspension frame as well as 5” fat tires that are capable of handling just about any bump is divot with ease.

Velotric has revealed their Go 1 compact utility bike (pictured), as well as the Packer 1, a longtail cargo bike. Both bikes tout a max payload of 440 lbs. The main differences between the two are power and frame size, with the Packer offering more torque while also being slightly larger.

Skateboard company Traqpod just released their first electric model, which is designed to offer the a similar carving experience to a snowboard, minus the snow of course.


We have Eliott Wertheimer, CEO and Founder of LAVOIE, part of McLaren Applied

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