July 31, 2023

Ride On! #24: Linus' new electric bikes | California wants an ebike license for kids | Lyft bails

James and Julia talk California ebike licenses, vehicle launches, and more!

By Ride Review Crew

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Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/show/1G2fPNzUw5mo5asaCoH7O0 Chapters: 00:00 Intro 02:13 California announces new ebike license bill 10:08 Is Lyft quitting bike share? 18:58 Bolt still growing 22:54 Craig Mod essay on riding an ebike 25:33 Vehicle Launches 31:38 Meet Adam McDermott, Founder of Linus and their new electric bike line! Show Notes: eBike Bill Some state lawmakers in California want to require unlicensed ebike users to get a special “ebike license” (online test + written test) and undergo a training program (with DMV and State Highway Patrol). The bill is targeted at teenagers who do not have a regular driver’s license. It would also ban children under the age of 12 from riding ebikes. Assembly Member Tasha Boerner explained that the creation of a driver’s license for previously unlicensed e-bike riders is a matter of safety (represents Encinitas) Lyft Gives Up Lyft (“a taxi company” - what a dig!) is looking to quit bike- and scooter-sharing and seeking buyers. Despite being the largest bike-share operator in North America, Lyft’s CEO recently said the company isn’t doing a good enough job directing bikeshare riders to taxi trips.(Who writes shit in blog posts anymore?) “If what is in that WSJ story is true,” said David Zipper, a Visiting Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School who studies urban mobility, “it suggests there may be a conflict of interest that is irreconcilable between bikeshare and ridehail.” Bolt still growing Estonian TNC Bolt is beefing up its scooter fleet, increasing its spending on new vehicles by 10x between 2020 and 2022. 200k vehicles in 200 cities. Avg. life of vehicle is 1 year(!). Spent 28% of revenues on maintenance of rental vehicles. Made most of its money in Europe (1B), but interestingly, Africa was its second largest market (226.5M). Spent 5% of revenues on payment processing (WTH?!) Electric Bike, Stupid Love of My Life, Great essay by Craig Mod https://craigmod.com/essays/electric_... French startup La Rochelle just released a new catamaran called the IZIBoat, which is designed to collapse down and be towed by an ebike. Meet the Hupi: a Finnish-designed, solar powered camper that’s towable by an electric bike. Not only can this camper power itself, the solar cells can also be used to recharge an ebike. The Barbie film made its blockbuster debut this past weekend, and it included a surprise cameo from Super73. Speaking of moto-inspired ebikes, QuietKat just revealed their new Lynx ebike, which includes two speed settings and a powerful 1000 watt rear hub motor. The Iris etrike is a three-wheeled enclosed EV designed by a legacy inventor and tested by astronauts. Check out inventor Grant Sinclair’s interview explaining this vehicle’s vetted design process, before its upcoming release. UBCO just launched their first rental hub in Portland, Oregon, which allows riders to try out vehicles through various rental plans. My Boo just released their new My Akorta electric mountain bike, which includes front suspension, a high-performing Shimano EP8 motor, and a frame made entirely of bamboo. Co-Founder: Adam McDermott founded Linus. The company is based in Venice, California. Check out their 2 new electric bike modes at: https://www.linusbike.com/

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