September 17, 2023

Ride On! #28 Tenways electric bike giveaway | Bloomberg says micro is the future | Oonee interview

Check out James and Julia discussing the latest with small electric vehicles

Win a Tenways CGO 600 Pro ($1,900 value)! Called "The Lightweight Champion" of electric bikes, the Tenways CGO600 Pro doesn't disappoint. Leave a comment here and head on over to ridereview.com for your chance to win. https://ridereview.com/giveaway/win-a-gofluo-bodyflower-and-bag We’re incredibly excited to introduce the first round of speakers joining us at Micromobility America in the SF Bay Area this October! Manufacturers, operators, brands, policymakers, investors, media—and this is just the start. https://micromobility.io/events/micromobility-america Chapters: 00:00 - 3:10 Announcements and giveaways 3:11 - 7:47 Bloomberg says micro is making all the difference with climate 7:48 - 14:29 Utah Clean Air Partnership successful ebike voucher program and the failure of others 14:30 - 16:02 LATimes stands up for electric bikes 16:03 - 20:57 Encinitas update on state of emergency around Electric Bikes 20:58 Shabazz Stuart, Founder and CEO of Oonee According to Bloomberg NEF, there are nearly 300M electric two- and three-wheelers on the road worldwide, and collectively, they displace about 4x as much oil demand as the entire global fleet of electric cars. The EV revolution has arrived… on two/three wheels. Electric bike vouchers are increasing in popularity across the U.S. In Utah, the Utah Clean Air Partnership is working with Magnum Bikes to provide eligible residents with vouchers of up $1,200. The voucher program offers up to $800 off Magnum e-bikes and $1,200 for the cargo e-bike models. For income-qualified applicants, the voucher amount goes up to $1,000 and $1,400 for cargo e-bikes. While the New York Times continues to bash ebikes as a menace to public safety at every turn, the LA Times is more discerning about the real problems affecting our urban road networks: “The focus on young ebike riders’ safety can obscure the bigger crisis: People driving cars and trucks are killing more people on our roads.” How do scooter and bike sharers gain permission to operate in a given locale? Many municipalities base their decision, in part, on lucrative revenue sharing requirements, a practice that some experts say is creating a “negative cycle” for both operators and cities. → need standardized agreements We have Shabazz Stuart, Founder and CEO of Oonee Oonee builds, finances, and operates automated bike parking infrastructure that humanizes public spaces. It is driven on changing the mobility game in cities by building a network of smart, modular, pods that provide secure parking for bikes and scooters on the interior while providing public space amenities on the exterior.

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