Giving away the brand new RadRunner 3 Plus

Ride On! #5 RadRunner Giveaway w/ Mike Radenbaugh · US Road Safety Fail · Aventon 1st Cargo Bike

March 3, 2023

We are giving away the all new RadRunner 3 Plus, which was just released earlier this week ⚡

March 3, 2023

Hi riders - Some news to end your week! We are giving away the all new RadRunner 3 Plus, which was just released earlier this week ⚡

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment for a chance to win, and watch RadPower’s Founder and Chairman, Mike Radenbaugh, take us through the latest RadRunner and also some game-changing accessories that they now offer. We’ll announce the winner on our next episode of Ride On! next week, so be sure to tune in… (We also announce the winner of last week's Lectric XPedition giveaway in this episode!)

To explain a little bit about how we will run the show. Julia and James take a few topics from the Micromobility Newsletter and discussing them in more detail. Topics can range from new vehicles and business models, to government policy and city infrastructure. Our goal is to better explore and snapshot the weekly happenings of the fastest growing and funnest form of mobility in the world: small, electric vehicles.

0:00 Lectric XPedition Winner!

05:58 Should You Have to Register Your Bike?

10:36 Aventon Drops its First E-Cargo Bike

15:00 US Fails at Road Safety

18:18 Mike Radenbaugh Pitches the New RadRunner 3 Plus

32:45 RadRunner 3 Plus Giveaway!

35:08 Turkey’s BinBin is Coming to Western Europe

36:54 Bike Sales Fall in U.K.

39:39 … but Taiwan eBike Exports Booming

42:34 Conclusion + How to Win New RadRunner

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