August 29, 2023

Ride On! Breaking: Wombi Brings Subscription Cargo Ebikes to the USA

James Gross interviews entrepreneur Dan Carr about the U.S. launch of Wombi, an all-inclusive electric cargo bike subscription, in Culver City and West LA.

By Ride Review Crew

Wombi aims to encourage people in Los Angeles to drive less, be more active, and enjoy their city. They offer electric cargo bikes as an alternative to cars, addressing issues like traffic, social isolation, and fluctuating gas prices. Wombi started in Australia as Lug+Carrie and has a history of helping people find car alternatives.

Customers can pick a Wombi bike that suits their lifestyle, customize it with accessories, and enjoy free delivery. The subscription includes full bike maintenance, insurance, and the flexibility to adapt to changing needs, such as adding child seats or pet carriers. There are two ebikes to choose from, the Tern Quick Haul and Tern GSD, with over 20 accessories. Chapters: 00:00 - 03:50 Why subscription + cargo ebikes is a game-changer 03:50 - 07:12 Backstory of the brand in Australia (Lug+Carrie) 07:12 - 13:45 Wombi's launch in SoCal 13:45 - 18:12 Lowering the barrier to entry with subscription 18:12 - 20:55 Why Wombi uses ebikes from Tern 20:55 - 23:03 Improvements in theft prevention 23:03 - 30:46 Incentives for families, schools, cities 30:46 - 35:09 Future growth plans

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