May 25, 2023

Ride Review Newsletter: 🤝 BMW and Cube Team Up on Trike

Plus, Veloretti’s sleek new bike, Yamaha celebrates 30 years of ebikes,and a Kpop star’s rideable suitcase.

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Today’s newsletter is supported by… Monimoto

Monimoto, a trusted brand for anti-theft GPS in powersports, has introduced a new product: DYI, an upgraded anti-theft tracker device for bikes and e-bikes. It offers the same seamless arm/disarm experience through a proximity keyfob and access to their top-notch customer service. End customers can find special launch offers here, while retailers can contact Bruno directly.

What You Need to Know Today

Cowboy recently reintroduced their subscription plan, which offers flexible rentals from 3 to 24 month periods. The offer includes insurance and repairs, plus users have the option to adjust the length of their plan at any point.

San Francisco-based mobility subscription startup Tempo is also offering flexible leases, for a wide range of vehicles. Their first partner is Äike, whose T scooter model will be available on Tempo for $75 per month.

Amsterdam-based Veloretti released its Electric Two ebike line, which includes updated Ivy mid-step and Ace step-over models. Like the previous models, the Electric Two bikes will feature a mid-mount Bafang motor, Gates carbon belt drive, and Enviolo auto shifting hub - all high quality components. What’s new is a sleeker design via downtube-routed cables, an updated handlebar display, a more ergonomic cockpit button setup, and a companion mobile app.

Germany-based Coboc just released an updated version of their Vesterbro commuter ebike, which includes a lower step thru frame, an 11-speed drivetrain, and an improved customer service package.

Solid EV Rides just released their new MX Electric Enduro, a unique-looking vehicle that’s listed as a moped, but appears to be similar to a motorbike. Unlike most small EVs, the battery and motor of the vehicle are completely visible, giving the vehicle a minimalist and rustic appearance.

Yamaha is celebrating 30 years of ebike manufacturing with the release of their Special Edition YDX-MORO 07 electric mountain bike. In addition to some custom cosmetic features, the bike features a compact downtube-integrated battery and a powerful Yamaha PW-X3 motor that produces up to 85 Nm of torque. The bike retails starting at $6,499.

China-based manufacturer PVY is now offering their 500-Watt Z20 Plus fat-tire folding ebike for $1,299 - an $800 discount as part of their “super early bird” crowdfunding campaign. The offroad-ready ebike comes with several notable features, including a seven-speed Shimano drivetrain and a “triple suspension system” in the front fork, rear, and saddle of the bike. It’s also available in a 1000-Watt version for an extra $200.

Taiwan-based Hyena is working on a new E-Road Air drive system, which includes a lightweight, compact motor designed for low-profile road bikes. With 150 Watts of power and a 250-watt-hour battery pack, the system isn’t built for high output, but it weighs in at just 7 pounds, making it perfect for lightweight applications.

The rideable suitcase popularized by Kpop star Jennie Kim is available for purchase from Airwheel, starting at $1,000. It only maxes out at 8 mph, but its airplane-grade aluminum frame can bare a load of up to 242 pounds.

The new Santa Cruz Bullit CC S electric mountain bike packs a bundle of high quality components and features into a carbon fiber frame. The Bullit is powered by a 250 W Shimano EP8 motor and a 630 Wh battery, and its suspension system is supported by a 170 mm Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) in the rear wheel. Retailing for $10,699, the Bullit is far from a budget option, but its performance may justify the price tag.

British EV manufacturer Caterhamrevealed a concept for their ‘Seven’ lightweight electric sports car, which is said to offer 240 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. The company envisions speed for both charging and driving, claiming a 15 minute charging time for a 20 minute ride, and 0-60 acceleration in just 4 seconds.

If you’re looking for an extra boost in your escooter, the new Inmotion RS is more than enough. Sporting not one but two 2,000-Watt motors, the RS claims a top speed of 68 mph and a 0-30 mph acceleration in just three seconds.

Legacy motorcycle brand Royal Enfield says its EV journey is now in “high gear,” promising its debut will be “uniquely differentiated” from what’s on the market today.

German ebike producer Maxx released four new ebikes, including the Jinxx ELF, the RaceMaxx ELF, the RoadMaxx ELF Sport, and the RoadMaxx ELF Tour. All four of the bikes feature the Ride 60 motor from the Porsche-owned company Fazua, a 430 watt-hour battery, and cockpit ride controls. Whereas the Jinxx and Race models are geared towards mountain-biking applications, the road models are…you guessed it - fitted with road tires and built more for commuting purposes.

BMW and German ebike producer Cube have collaborated to create the Trike Hybrid, a three-wheeled electric cargo vehicle. Sporting a Bosch Cargo Line Gen 4 motor and claiming up to 485 pounds of hauling capacity, the Trike Hybrid appears to be a highly capable vehicle for cruising with the kids or carrying some luggage.

Mark your calendar: May 30th is officially National Ebike Day, a new annual celebration of the light electric transportation vehicles, according to Lectric eBikes, which will be giving away four of their bikes at a YouTube and Facebook livestream event next Tuesday at 12 pm PST. Watch this space as we’ll be supporting Lectric’s initiative with some giveaways of our own on Ride On!

Peter Fassler’s e-Bullet electric motorcycle concept, which was unveiled in 2018 claiming a whopping 634 pound-feet of torque, is now ready for road use, with a couple of caveats. Fans of the bike may be disappointed to hear that the production version will only offer 80 pound-feet of torque, and it’s also 210 pounds heavier than the original. However, it still has a sleek, Tron-like appearance that may make up for the compromises for some people.

Who said bike wheels have to be round? Not this triangular-tubed creation.

Today’s newsletter is also supported by… FUELL

You may have seen good e-bikes before, but this e-bike is engineered to take it to a completely new level. Meet Flluid-2: the world’s longest range e-bike engineered by legendary Erik Buell (the founder of Buell motorcycles). With a range of up to 225 miles (350 km) on a single charge, assisted speed ranging from 20mph (US) / 25km/h (EU) up to 28mph (45 km/h), throttle control, anti-theft and GPS systems, and much more, this premium quality e-bike is designed to provide an unparalleled level of comfort, style, and performance. Check out their Indiegogo campaign to get involved.

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