April 13, 2023

Ride Review Newsletter: 💂‍♀️ BMW’s Newest 'Mini' Is a Bike

Plus, Acer debuts a scooter, India has a helmet-safety superhero, and Porsche's ebike efforts go into overdrive.

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What You Need to Know Today

Canada’s DŌST Bikes is the latest vehicle maker to introduce a new electric cargo bike, the Crate Cargo Cruiser, which sets itself apart with its Ō-Drive drivetrain, enabling automatic gear changes.

Watt Wagons’ all new HOUND ebike is a fat-tire, off-roading unit, with 200 miles of range, quad piston hydraulic brakes, and plenty of cargo space. Plus, it’s compatible with electric car chargers.

This pocket-sized electric motor from Mavic is a technological marvel. Could it be a game changer for bike designers?

Real-world superhero Raghvendra Singh, also known as “Helmet Man,” has given away 56,000 helmets to micromobility users in India. The safety crusade has literally bankrupted Singh, but he continues to spread awareness, inspired by the passing of his friend in a motor vehicle crash.

Following the release of its first ebike, Taiwanese computer company Acer is now showcasing a new performance-driven scooter. The Predator Extreme includes dual-suspension and rear shock absorption that makes it stunt-ready.

Porsche eBike Performance’s CEO, Dr. Jan Becker, says the company’s first ebike motor will set a new standard in quality and usability. By the looks of our job board, it appears their team is in the middle of a recruitment drive…

Electric bike startup Async has released photos of its new A1 Pro, which sports an ultra-minimalist design, a belt drive, and 150 miles of range.

Paris-based subscription company Motto just released the second generation of their ebike, featuring improved stability and an easily transportable battery.

A study conducted by Germany’s Hannover Medical School found that regularly riding an electric bike provides a myriad of health benefits, including reduced risk of heart attack, cancer, and Alzheimer’s.

Can you imagine if one motorcycle could fit riders of any size? That’s the motivation behind the Athena, a motorcycle concept designed by Zhengxuan Xie, with a replaceable seat to comfortably fit just about anyone.

The new Chaser X electric mountain bike from Mondraker could be the last bike you’ll ever need. Powered by a Bosch Performance Line CX Smart System and equipped with a front suspension fork and rear luggage rack, the Chaser X is built for seamless travel from country trails to city streets.

Competition is heating up in the world of electric motocross, with the new Talaria Sting R bringing 50% more horsepower than the highly-touted Sur Ron X for a similar price. Additionally, the Sting R tops out at 52mph, compared to the Sur Ron at 46 mph, and offers 20% more battery capacity.

This bike with square wheels takes the concept of “reinventing the wheel” to a whole other level.

BMW is collaborating with French ebike brand Angell to produce a new line of ‘Mini’ brand ebikes.

In responses to the recent spate of ebike fires, Juiced Bikes is joining a small but growing list of companies that are adopting UL safety certification for batteries.

If you want to replace the battery on the world’s cheapest tiny car, the notorious Changli, you’re going to need a chainsaw. (Do not try this at home.)

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