April 28, 2023

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What You Need to Know Today

Denago has debuted two new electric mountain bikes. Named the XC1 and XC2, they will be the first mid-drive motor ebikes as well as the first performance-focused models from the brand. The XC1 will feature a Bafang M410 motor and a 500 Wh battery, starting at $2,749. The XC2 will be a bit more expensive at $3,199, but will include a Bafang M510 motor, 672 Wh battery, and a dropper seat post.

Who says you can’t carry a week’s worth of groceries on an electric scooter? While this viral video is 100% staged, it proves that even the tiniest transports can become cargo-hauling machines with a bit of ingenuity.

Want to win a free Lectric XP Lite? Enter our giveaway here, then check out our top five reasons to love this practical folding ebike below.

Fiido is back with some of the cheapest electric gravel bikes we’ve seen yet. The C21 and C22 both cost only $1599. But add-ons—including a Fiido-specific smartwatch for monitoring your vitals—are not included.

Velotric is out with a pair of brand-new ebikes that target urban commuters. The Thunder 1 and Thunder ST, as they’re called, both weigh 36 lbs (16 kg), come with torque sensors, and are compatible with Apple Find My.

If you’re into the aesthetic of an electric motorcycle but still want the pedal-assist experience of an ebike, check out the new Volcon Brat. Contrary to what the name implies, there’s plenty to like about this bike - a rugged frame, integrated storage compartment, off road-ready fat-tires, and up to 70 miles of range.

Electric Bike Company offers a similar moto-style e-bike in their new Model J, which offers a load of customization opportunities. The aluminum frame and rear hub motor come standard, but riders can really make this bike their own with different battery sizes, hydraulic setups, handlebars, paint jobs, etc. Upgrades will cost extra, but the base model is starting at just $1,499 MSRP and it’s now available for preorder for just $1,199.

Dutch ID recently added a daily-driver commuter to their product lineup. They kept things simple with the design of the ‘Flow’ ebike, but it still offers just what you need in terms of comfort, power, and battery capacity.

Speaking of the Netherlands, Gazelle Bikes has released four new Dutch-style electric bikes, each for different needs. All of the models feature front suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, fenders and racks, GPS tracking through the Bosch Smart System, integrated LED lighting, and Dutch-style wheel locks for anti-theft protection.

Yamaha just released a new version of their X Force electric moped in Japan, which is designed to comfortably seat shorter riders. The lowered seat attachment on the “X Force Low” places the rider about 1 inch (30 millimeters) lower to the ground, while also providing the same under-seat storage capacity as the original model.

French manufacturer Virvolt just released their new 900 series ebike motor conversion kit, which is designed for easy installation and repairs. Outfitted with a torque sensor, the kit brings a smooth, multi-level pedal assist experience to any conventional bicycle, but does not currently offer throttle capabilities.

On the luxury end of the spectrum, Curtiss Motorcycles recently introduced what they’re calling the “Tesla of motorcycles.” In addition to a very eye-catching design, the Curtiss 1 offers 120 miles of range and 217 horsepower, but it comes with a hefty price tag of $120k.

Vello, an Australian brand, just released a new manual gear-shifting version of their Bike+ model. The new Bike+ Gears model includes the same lightweight, folding frame, but now offers users a bit more control over their ride.

An Apple-produced video about ebikes wasn’t on our 2023 bingo card, but that’s what this new short film about Dance, a Berlin-based subscription service, provides.

What happens when you cross a skateboard with a mountain bike.

If you’re looking for an electric motorbike for a youngster, the word on the street is that the pint-sized Torrot from Spain is a good vehicle to learn on.

At a glance, you could almost mistake ENVO’s new Stax for an unpowered bicycle. But “under the hood,” this ebike is equipped with advanced components such as Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, ENVO’s UL-certified 36V/12.8AH battery, and an 8-speed Shimano Altus transmission.

How VanMoof designs its stylish smart bikes

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