May 17, 2023

Ride Review Newsletter: 🏍 New Motorbikes from Sondors, Stilride, Super73 + More

Plus, win a Cake bike for your kids.

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What You Need to Know Today

SONDORS has unleashed the beast with its all-new MetaBeast and MetaBeastX electric motorbikes. With a rugged frame and plenty of torque, the new MetaBeast is built purely for off-roading, while the MetaBeast X offers the added benefit of being street legal.

Super73 just announced updates to its existing Z, S, and R models, with improvements to the suspension, tires, and more. Additionally, the Super73 K1D will join their lineup as the company’s first ebike designed for kids. (Listen in: How Super73 fused SoCal minibike culture with hard-charging electric mobility.)

Speaking of updates, Aventon just released its revamped Pace ebikes, with significant improvements such as a torque sensor for a smoother pedal-assist experience. The new Pace will also come with turn signals, a road-safety feature that we loved to see on the Abound e-cargo bike as well.

Sweden’s Stilride has released the final design for its eye-catching electric motorcycle. Besides its breathtaking aluminum body, the new StilRide 1 performs at a top speed of 60 mph (96 kph), and it comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and ABS technology. The motorbike costs €15,000 and will ship in 2024. (Listen in: Stilride on the art of buildng motorbikes through metal origami.)

The new ADO Air, a 35-lb (16kg) folding ebike, is ADO Bikes’ lightest and smartest model to date.

If you didn’t already know, 3D printing has officially made its way into the bicycle industry. From handlebars, to saddles, to entire frames, check out all the ways this new technology has come to revolutionize two-wheeled transportation.

ATLAS, a conceptual grocery delivery vehicle designed by Shuai Cheng, is basically a rideable pantry and refrigerator on wheels.

Bosch just updated its eBike Flow app with improvements such as on-call audible directions. Also, the maps feature now compiles data from other riders to offer users the most popular routes to their destinations.

On the race track, British motorbike company Triumph is pushing the boundaries of performance with its all-new Evo Racer model. Although still only in the concept phase, images of the new project reveal a super sporty and sleek two-wheeler that’s cause for excitement.

Are you looking to get your little one into bikes? This week on the Ride On! podcast we’re giving away a brand-new Cake Ready balance bike for free. It’s the perfect gift for a 2-4 year-old with a refined, Scandi sense of style. Enter here to win.

On the other end of the age spectrum, are these the five best electric bikes for seniors?

American EV maker Vulcon is out with two new motorbike. The Grunt Evo is a beltdrive-equipped update to the company’s original Grunt off-roader, while the Runt LT is a low-speed option for small riders.

This guy in Washington state ordered a whacky three-wheeled electric food truck from Alibaba, and not only did it actually show up, but he was able to register it and turn it into a mobile coffeeshop.

German producer Trinity Electric Vehicles just announced the Panthera, one of the few electric dirt bikes on the market with a four-speed gearbox. By implementing a clutch by the rider’s left hand and a shifter by the left pedal, the Panthera mimics a traditional gas-powered dirt bike, handling better in off-road conditions.

Iso Mobility, an Italian two-wheeler OEM, is adopting camera vision to provide real-time rider safety alerts.

Goodbye ignition key, hello iFace? BMW is developing facial recognition tech for its two-wheelers to prevent thefts.

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