June 2, 2023

Ride Review Newsletter: 😅 Porsche eBikes... at Porsche Prices

Plus, Fiat reimagines the 500, WAU teases "Project Cyber" pedelec, and Arcimoto debuts its answer to the pickup truck.

Can you believe Micromobility Europe is only 7 days away? The response so far has been fantastic—so much so that we are nearly at capacity. If you haven’t booked your tickets yet, now would be a good time to do so. Have you seen the final program for Amsterdam yet?

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Want to come to Micromobility Europe for free? We’re offering all-access passes to volunteers who can help lend a hand with set-up and check-in in Amsterdam next week. If this sound interesting to you, please get in touch immediately.

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You may have seen good e-bikes before, but this e-bike is engineered to take it to a completely new level. Meet Flluid-2: the world’s longest range e-bike engineered by legendary Erik Buell (the founder of Buell motorcycles). With a range of up to 225 miles (350 km) on a single charge, assisted speed ranging from 20mph (US) / 25km/h (EU) up to 28mph (45 km/h), throttle control, anti-theft and GPS systems, and much more, this premium quality e-bike is designed to provide an unparalleled level of comfort, style, and performance.

Check out their Indiegogo campaign to get involved.

What You Need to Know Today

GBoost recently released their updated V8 ebike conversion kit, which delivers up to 800-watts of power in a motor weighing less than 1kg, and regenerates on downhill rides. The newest version of the kit also includes Bluetooth LTE capabilities, allowing users to toggle their pedal assist level via their smartphone.

Porsche just released an updated EXC electric mountain bike, which packs 85 Nm of torque via a 250-watt Shimano mid-drive, and also includes Fox Float suspension in the front and rear, giving 120mm and 100mm of travel, respectively. The new model retails starting at $15,350, but what would a Porsche be without the price tag?

Meanwhile Chinese scooter company Yadea collaborated with Porsche to design their F200 commuter scooter, which offers a high-powered ride in a sports car-inspired frame. The F200 delivers 14.7 horsepower throughout the entire rev range, taking it from 0-30 mph in just 2.5 seconds. No word on pricing just yet.

Jetson has quietly established a name of itself as one of the most popular and budget-friendly micromobility brands in the world. Here’s our run-down of the Brooklyn-based firm’s top vehicles, and why they may be a great fit for you.

You don’t necessarily need bollards to keep cars out of the bike lane… just a leather trench coat apparently.

WAU recently dropped some stunning teaser photos of their new “Project Cyber.” The company hasn’t revealed much about the specs, but they’ve certainly raised our hopes in terms of design, touting Project Cyber as “the most stylish pedelec the world has ever seen.” A full reveal of the first vehicle in the Cyber line is expected today, with five more vehicle reveals coming later this month.

Simple Energy recently released their ‘One’ electric scooter, which is set to be a top performer in the ever-growing Indian scooter market. Offering 11.3 horsepower and 72 Nm of torque, the One can jump from 0 to 25 mph in just 2.77 seconds, and its dual battery system claims a range of up to 133 miles on a single charge.

Energica, an Italian motorcycle brand, its preparing its electric drivetrain technology for the high seas with a new line of jet skis.

Check out the Virgo helmet - the newest project from French cycling accessory startup Beam. Unlike most cycling helmets, the VIRGO offers full facial protection as well as a rotatable visor and detachable rear light. The project is currently raising funds via Kickstarter.

If you’re looking for a folding ebike to save some space, there are countless name brands to choose from, but one lesser-known company that shouldn’t be overlooked is DAHON. The company gained critical acclaim at the China Cycle expedition this year, showing off a range of over 30 folding bikes, including some cargo and kid-friendly options. Part of what makes these vehicles special is the Deltec cable technology, which maintains the rigidity of the folding vehicles while also keeping them relatively lightweight.

Chinese ebike producer DYU just released their new King750 fat-tire off road ebike, which features a powerful 750-watt rear hub motor packing 75 Nm of torque. Its 26x4 inch tires can eat up just about any bump or divot, and it also comes stock with a front suspension fork and hydraulic disc brakes.

Germany-based Windora recently released their new “Family Utility Bikes,” the FUB 2W and FUB 3W, which claim some impressive carrying capacity. The 2W and 3W offer space for two and four child passengers, respectively, and both vehicles are supported by steel frames, Shimano transmissions, and Bosch powertrains.

Texas-based EV company Ayro just released its new Vanish low speed electric vehicle (LSEV) for preorder. The Vanish claims a top speed of 25 mph and sports a flexible design, as the rear of the vehicle can transition between a flatbed, a pickup, and a van-style enclosed box.

Similarly, Arcimoto recently revealed their Modular Utility Vehicle, which also offers a flatbed and enclosed box option for the rear portion of the vehicle. The two vehicles differ in price and top speed, with the MUV retailing at just $23,500 (a full $10k less than the Vanish) and topping out at 75 mph. It is also important to note that the MUV is a single-person vehicle, while the Vanish has space for two riders.

Fiat recently revealed their updated Topolino mini EV, which draws inspiration from the original Fiat 500. Not much is known about the performance of the new Topolino, but it is expected to pack a similar punch to the Citroën Ami, an 8 horsepower mini car.

Giant introduced some new ultra-lightweight electric mountain bikes in the Trance X Advanced E+ Elite line. The new line is built with composite frames that offer a “high stiffness to weight ratio,” but can also be adjusted via “flip chip” technology to cater to different terrain settings. The drivetrain includes a compact SyncDrive Pro motor co-developed with Yamaha, and a Smart Assist sensor setup that delivers precise pedal assistance based on rider input.

Premium German ebike producer Ponomarets released their Series 1 ebike for preorder price of $10,564. Why the high retail, you ask? The answer is in the frame - it’s made of handcrafted carbon fiber, which keeps the total bike weight down to a shoulderable 24.9 pounds.

Vancouver-based Nireeka Technologies is currently crowdfunding for their ‘Mega’ electric mountain bike, a full suspension fat tire ebike with a 1500-watt mid drive motor and a top speed of 38 mph. As of this writing, only 5 of the 1500-watt bikes remain for purchase, and another 19 models are available in a 750-watt iteration.

OneWheel-iers are… a different breed (do not try this at home).

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