May 4, 2023

Ride Review Newsletter: 🐺 Stark’s Varg Emoto Arrives at Last

Plus, Raleigh’s new twisting ebike, Heybike's moped-style cruiser, and an 80-mph stand-up scooter.

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What You Need to Know Today

Historic British bike maker Raleigh has released a compact electric cargo bike called Modum that can cover 100 miles of range with a Bosch motor and 500W battery. Also the bike’s handlebars can rotate 180 degrees, making it convenient to store in narrow spaces, such as hallways.

Similarly UK-based Volt just released their “Lite” folding ebike, which offers three folding points for convenient storage in a bedroom or closet.

CSC is beginning to ship out their RX1E electric motorcycle, which will be one of very few electric motorcycles to occupy the streets with full highway capabilities. What’s even more exciting is that it comes in much cheaper than many of its competitors at just $8,495.

Neighborhood electric vehicle maker WAEV added a solar panel accessory for their GEM models that can reportedly extend the range of the vehicles up to 12 miles.

Chinese company Engwe just released their new M20 moto-style ebike. What separates the M20 is its value - for just $1,599, Engwe offers their dual-battery M20 with 94 miles of range, and a powerful 750-watt rear hub motor.

Engwe isn’t the only company trying out the moto-style design - Razor just announced their new Rambler 20 ebike which has a similar style. Unlike the previous Rambler models, this ebike is designed for adults, with a 500-watt rear hub motor and a top speed of 20 mph.

Surfcycle is a street-legal, stand-up scooter designed by Dezso Molnar that’s built for maneuverability and load-carrying abilities. Featuring 16 inch wheels and an 8-kW hour hub motor, the vehicle is capable of reaching speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. It also has a rear rack with space to fit a large suitcase, narrowed handlebars to weave through traffic, and a cushioned seat as an option for a more comfortable ride.

Photo: Molnar Calfee Motorcycles

Ninebot has released a new electric moped that is said to be specifically designed for female riders. The new Q80C offers standard specs such as a 71-mile max range and 28 mph top speed, but the seat height of the Q80C is tailored to fit women more comfortably, placing their feet firmly on the footbed of the moped.

Yamaha has released an update to its NEO’s electric moped, now available to the European market in a new turquoise colorway. Under the hood, the moped maintains the same specs as the 2022 model, including a 50.4V lithium-ion battery that offers up a rather low 23 miles of range. Interestingly, the price of the moped has jumped by about 400 euros.

Tern, which has become renowned in the industry for their highly-capable cargo bikes, has released some new accessories that add towing capabilities to their bikes. The new collection of trailer hitches allows riders to tack on even more hauling space, and even carry another bicycle.

Kawasaki has teamed up with Malaysia-based Modenas to create a “super moped” that is expected to pack the power of a 150cc-175cc motorcycle engine in an electric moped frame.

The new Ranger S folding fat-tire ebike from HeyBike covers a wide range of use cases in a compact design. Folding capabilities on the bike make it easy to store in a city apartment, and the 4-inch fat-tires expand the bike’s off-road capabilities.

Stark Future, a Spain-based electric dirt bike producer, has begun shipping pre-orders from December 2021 for its long-awaited (and highly touted) Varg model.

The Brumaire 4700W is a new electric scooter with a vintage design from France. It has a top speed of 50 mph and can travel up to 56 miles on a single charge, making it suitable for city commuting.

With prices that rival electric bikes, VMOTO is trying to bring +50mph mopeds and motorbikes to a mass audience in the UK, beginning with three new models.

The Wuling Bingo EV tiny car may be small, but it’s too cute to ignore. Starting at $8,600, the Bingo offers 41 or 68 hp depending on the motor choice, 126 or 206 miles of range depending on the battery, and last but not least, it includes an optional inflatable mattress for camping. How cool is that?

Innovation Awards

For the first time ever this year at Micromobility America, we will hold The Micromobility Innovation Awards.The transition to clean mobility is gaining momentum, and major institutions and multinational companies are beginning to recognize the value of this shift. To celebrate the achievements of these companies, we are excited to announce the Micromobility Innovation Awards, a live pitch competition for established transportation leaders to showcase how they are driving innovation at the intersection of electric mobility and urbanization.

The competition aims to celebrate companies that have successfully integrated emerging technologies and environmental impact into their business model. We look forward to receiving applications from leaders that have made a positive impact in this space.The program is open to any organization that was founded 10 or more years ago.

Apply Here

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