June 15, 2023

💪 Tern HSD Just Keeps Getting Better

Plus a cargo bike kit from XYZ, a folding bamboo scooter from Italy, and a stand-up ATV from Alibaba.

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What You Need to Know Today

The 2023 edition of Tern’s signature HSD folding cargo e-bike is here and it’s even more capable than the hard-working original. Tern was able to enhance the carrying capacity of the HSD’s rear luggage rack from 132 lbs (60 kg) to 176 lbs (80 kg), without sacrificing the compactness and maneuverability for which the bike is famous. Not only that, but a new aluminum frame makes the HSD stiffer and therefore more stable to ride. There's also an improved Bosch motor in the mix. The starting price for the new Tern HSD is $5,065, representing only a slight increase compared to the retail price of the previous model.

Speaking of cargo bikes, this new modular kit from XYZ allows you to design the perfect load-carrying vehicle for a wide range of jobs, offering a 300 lbs capacity.

German company Ca Go also recently introduced their CUV cargo e-bike, which has a dynamic setup that offers carrying space in the front, rear, and middle of the bike frame. The bike has a total capacity of 319 lbs (over 4x its own weight), and it also features top-of-the-line components like the Bosch Cargo Line Smart System.

The new RemiDemi e-bike from Benno is an all-around performer, featuring a sturdy aluminum frame, Bosch mid-drive motor, Shimano drivetrain, and hydraulic disc brakes. It also features a front and rear rack and an add-on rear passenger seat, making this a cross between a cargo and commuter bike.

Meet TOM - a 20-mph sit-down scooter from Italian startup To-Move whose bamboo body can be folded up for carrying in seven seconds flat.

Slaying the hills requires proper protection - enter the new 3.0 Enduro helmet from Leatt. The compartmental design of the 3.0 gives riders the option of a typical head-and-visor coverage, full face coverage, and “jet-style” with over-the-ear protection. Also included is Leatt’s Turbine technology, which, similar to MIPS, allows the helmet to rotate upon impact to prevent brain injury.

If you’re looking at upgrading your gravel bike (or any bike for that matter), your handlebars are an important component that can affect the feel and performance of your bike. This guide to gravel bike handlebars covers everything from the different shapes and widths of handlebars, all the way to the grip tape you select. The primary focus of this article is for off road applications, but many of the principals discussed are relevant to all types of riding.

Keeping with the offroad theme, Rocky Mountain just released their new Slayer mountain bike lineup, which offers aluminum and carbon frame options, as well as cool features like adjustable geometry and downtube storage. Each bike in the Slayer lineup is equipped with Shimano drivetrain and brake components, and the whole lot starts at just under $4,000.

Hamburg-based Walberg Urban Electrics is out with an update to its Egret One scooter, featuring automotive-grade components like Pirelli tires and a Schaeffler braking system.

Check out the new Prima E5 moped-inspired e-bike from Hercules - it’s got a sturdy, compact frame powered by a Bosch Performance Line motor, as well as a small rear rack.

Italy-based Askoll just introduced their new XKP electric moped (commonly referred to as a “scooter” in Europe), which comes in both a 28 mph version and a 41 mph version. The EVA claims 3.7 horsepower and a max range of 54 miles, as well as a lightweight, minimalist frame, which makes it a good fit for narrow Italian city streets.

The new Delta TX recumbent e-trike from HP Velotechnik is a great option for riders with limited mobility and really anyone who wants a more laid-back riding experience. It features “chopper” handlebars for easy controllability, multiple powertrain options from Shimano and Bafang, and a choice of manual or automatic gear shifting.  

Harley-Davidson subsidiary LiveWire is set to begin deliveries for the new S2 Del Mar electric motorcycle this summer. Although the actual battery capacity hasn’t been announced, the S2 Del Mar claims a range of up to 100 miles, and it’s priced pretty reasonably at $15,499, making it a good fit for city commuters.

Razor recently released their Ground Force Elite electric go-kart, which is a great option for kids. The vehicle features a 350-watt motor maxing out at 14 mph (nothing too crazy), and it also claims enhanced maneuverability via abrasion-resistant wheels.

Also, take a look at the new Specialized Levo SL Kids electric mountain bike. In addition to a smaller frame, the Levo SL Kids e-bike features a dropper seat post for an easy on-off process for small riders, as well as a lengthened reach design for improved stability and control.

What happens when you order a stand-up, 37-mph ATV from Alibaba… and it arrives exactly as described?

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