Amsterdam Rave Ride w/ DJ Dom Whiting, June 9th

May 23, 2023

The goal of this unmissable ride will be to bring together the global community of micromobility leaders with the local community of Amsterdam riders.

Ride Review Crew
May 23, 2023

Micromobility Europe 2023 will culminate with an unprecedented, bass-boosted group ride through the streets of Amsterdam’s dynamic Noord neighborhood on Friday, June 9th. We are calling it Rave Ride ((d[-_-]b))

Dom Whiting, Europe’s hottest DJ on two wheels, will be there supplying drum’n’bass beats and good vibes (he’s a legend - check out his work). This will be a truly unforgettable chance to try out cool vehicles, meet new people, and celebrate our global community of riders, ending with a big party (details below)

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