July 7, 2023

The Exploding World of Micromobility-First Freight With Finmile CEO Rich Pleeth

Oliver talks with Finmile CEO Rich Pleeth about the disruptive potential of micromobility in freight delivery

By Micromobility Industries


This week Oliver managed to catch up with Rich Pleeth while he was passing through London.

Rich is the founder of Finmile, a micromobility first freight company in London using four wheeler cargo e-bikes to deliver for companies such as HelloFresh and some very large global companies that unfortunately we can’t name but who Oliver was very impressed with.

They are expanding very quickly and have a relevant and replicable model for a lot of cities around the world. We encourage you to particularly listen to the section where we talked about what the model offers in terms of labour and increasing the throughput of deliveries relative to existing encumbrance.

It feels to us, very disruptive to the existing freight delivery incumbents. So! Enjoy!

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