April 11, 2024

This New Dirtbike Startup Wants to Take on Sur-Ron

Plus, a $7,500 microcar and a first look at the Himiway C5 Ultra

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What You Need to Know Today

Himiway is going after the motocross crowd with the C5, an eye-catching minibike that feels a bit more like a tank than a bicycle. It's equipped with top-notch components highlighted by a motorcycle-grade full suspension setup, with a solid pedaling drivetrain that's somewhat wasted due to the small size of the frame. Himiway intends to blur the lines between city commuting and off-road motorcycling... does it live up? Find out here!

Described as “a modern-day G-Wiz,” the sub-£6,000 ($7,500 USD) DoGood Zero microcar delivers a roomy cabin, expansive vistas, and quick and effortless charging. This no-frills 2-seater might be ideal for those dipping a toe into the micromobility pool.

Introducing a new street sweeper that can go where conventional street sweepers can’t - dedicated bike lanes. Bike Lane Sweeper designed the compact street sweeper to be towed behind a bike with a conventional Burley trailer hitch, powered by an e-bike battery, and activated with a switch on the handlebars.

The Dust Moto Alpha prototype electric dirtbike might just be the sweet spot “between the e-bike/Sur-Ron crowd and those in the wild world of full-on dirtbikes”

Image Credit: Dust Moto

Ather Energy, one of the leading e-moped makers in India, just announced the Rizta. The Rizta is targeted at families who will appreciate its generous storage and seating capacity. And starting at Rs 1.10 lakh ($1,320 USD), it will be strong competition for the Ola S and Bajaj Chetak.

Spark Cycleworks introduces the new Javelin e-motorcycle and the Brute e-bike in a long-form announcement video that gives the audience a glimpse into their shop, culture, and design philosophy.

E-bikes aren't just for the tall men who want to ride fast. With companies focusing on inclusivity for their customers, families and petite riders have more e-bike options that fit them and their cargo needs.

The French automaker Renault partnered with five startups on unique e-mobility concepts. Pictured below is the Moonbike, which looks like cross between an e-bike and a snow mobile.

Image Credit: Renault

The National Bicycle Dealers Association (NBDA) is creating a database of certified and insured e-bikes in the US, offering consumers a reliable resource to identify safe options and avoid potential hazards associated with illegal and unsafe e-bikes.

SRAM revealed a design for an e-bike that integrates the motor and battery. By positioning the motor and battery mass together down low and center on the frame, the rider will have superior handling. As this is a patent, we won’t see this design come to life for a few years.

MTRL is rethinking how we build bicycles. Using a circular design philosophy, MTRL produces a bike made from 100% recycled plastic and 100% renewable energy in its manufacturing and design process.

Image Credit: MTRL

Are you looking for a full-featured cargo e-bike but on a budget? The newly announced Fiido T2 Longtail Cargo E-bike delivers a lot of performance for its modest $1,499 price tag. Front suspension, a 998 Wh battery, hydraulic brakes, and front suspension are some nice touches that has the T2 punching above its weight in the cargo e-bike arena.

If you’re a weight weenie, the Air Carbon from ADO might pique your interest. It is a super lightweight (27.5 lbs/12.5 kg) folding commuter e-bike that is easy to carry into the office or up to your third-floor studio/ It also features anti-theft GPS tracking so you’ll have peace of mind when you need to park it on the street.

Spanish e-bikemaker Mondraker developed an e-MTB for the enduro rider who wants a little extra assistance without getting weighed down. The new 2024 Dune e-MTB lineup delivers premium componentry with a lightweight frame and motor design that results in a natural ride that won’t be compromised on any terrain.

Image Credit: Mondraker

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