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January 11, 2024

Vinfast Brings E-Bikes and Microcars to US Market

Plus an advanced rider assistance system from Luna and Qualcomm, new electric bikes from Segway, and more.

By Tyson Roehrkasse

Vietnam-based Vinfast is making big waves in the US market, announcing multiple new models at CES. The Drgnfly is a minibike-styled electric bike starting at $2,800, and the VF3 is a miniature electric SUV that’s only 125 in (3.18 m) long.

Also unveiled at CES is the Infinity X Hyper Scooter from Flash Motors. It uses AI technology to learn your riding style and then optimizes the motor, battery, and brakes for personalized performance.

Segway unveiled a slew of new products at CES, including two new electric bikes. The Xafari is a full-suspension step-thru adventure bike, while the Xyper is a dirtbike-esque minibike with a dual-battery option for a massive 2,880 watt-hour capacity.

Bejing-based Ninebot announced a new electric moped for the Chinese market called the Series D. It’s co-branded with EVA and has a starting price of 11,999 yuan ($1,690 USD).

Luna is joining forces with Qualcomm in a new micromobility venture. They’re leveraging AI to create an advanced rider assistance system (ARAS), capable of providing in-ride alerts across a range of high-risk crash scenarios.

Lyric Cycles announced the new X edition of its powerful Graffiti electric bike. The X is even more powerful with a massive 3,000 watt hub motor, but still equipped with pedals so it’s technically an e-bike. The display allows for restricting power output to street-legal Class 2 and 3 modes.

China-based EV manufacturer Geely announced the Panda Knight, a new-and-improved version of their Panda micro e-SUV. It’s only 10.3 ft (3.14 m) long, has an 800 liter trunk, and starts at an impressively low $7,500.

The Niu RQi electric motorcycle was originally unveiled as a concept vehicle at CES 2020, with an impressive 40HP output. The production version has finally arrived, although the maximum output is a much lower 11HP, changed to target European riders with an A1 license.

The Revoltz PORTO is a new tadpole-style electric trike designed for the last mile delivery market. It has large cargo containers over both front and rear axles, and features a tilting balance mechanism to maintain stability while turning.

Anod’s new Hybrid electric bike uses a combination of supercapacitors with a standard lithium-ion battery pack. What’s impressive is that the battery pack a tiny 80 watt-hour pack - about the size of a portable battery bank - but the Hybrid can still manage 43 miles (69 km) of range.

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