April 16, 2024

Will the U.K. Allow Throttle E-Bikes?

Plus, NYC cracks down on illegal battery retailers

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What You Need to Know Today

The UK Department of Transport is considering regulations to double e-bike motor capacity from 250W to 500W as well as allow throttles. Two of the country’s top trade groups, the Bicycle Association and the Association for Cycle Traders, have joined forces in opposition of the changes.

Meanwhile Brompton, Britain’s largest bike manufacturer, is backing a separate bill, which would require an independent body to certify that e-bike and e-scooter batteries meet safety requirements prior to being sold.

Indian EV maker Omega Seiki Mobility and U.S. charging company Exponent Energy unveiled a new 3-wheel passenger vehicle that can be charged from 0% to 100% in only 15 minutes. Named the Stream City Qik, the tiny transport boasts a battery range of approximately 86 miles (138 km). Right now Exponent operates 60 charging stations in six cities in India, but the firm plans to expand its network to 1,000 stations by 2025.

Image Credit: Exponent Energy

New York City is fighting deadly battery fires with a three-pronged approach: setting up public charging stations, cracking down on illegal battery retailers, and offering trade-ins of illegal batteries for certified ones.

If retailers don’t comply with the new battery rules, they face serious legal consequences. This week the FDNY filed the first-ever criminal charges against a shop owner in Brooklyn for repeatedly selling illegal e-bike batteries.

New data shows that Chicago’s investment in cycling infrastructure resulted in a 119% increase in cycling since 2019—the highest growth among the 10 largest cities in the US.

Image Credit: Replica

Dutch cycling giant PON saw bike sales dip 5% in 2023, a relatively minor drop amid a broader market correction. The conglomerate attributes its resilience to a diversified portfolio, which includes many e-bike brands.

A Swiss study finds that more than half of e-bike owners use their cars less after buying an e-bike, and almost 20% get rid of their cars completely.

San Diego is discovering that its oversized roads are too expensive to maintain. One option is converting travel lanes to bike or pedestrian paths, which reduces concrete and isn’t subjected to as much impact.

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Washington, DC, and other cities are seeing a large increase in the number of mopeds on the road, many of which are being used by delivery workers. Is this the next evolution of micromobility for delivery workers in the US?

Massachusetts has issued an RFP for businesses experienced in clean technology to run its e-bike incentive program, which will provide low-income residents with up to $1,200 in vouchers.

Kate, the French microcar producer, has raised €10 million from Bpifrance to help fund a new factory for its K1 vehicle platform.

Image Credit: Kate

Electric bikes can provide a vital mobility option during a major disaster when cars and roadways are gridlocked and public transportation systems are down.

The UK Prime Minister cries that there is a “war on cars,” but research shows that people think transport is “failing,” and the government needs to deliver a new shared multimodal transport strategy.

UPS establishes its first UK microhub in Cambridge. The station will include 3 Ferhay eQuads, providing last-mile logistics in the city center.

Image Credit: UPS

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