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If you're in the market for a fun and efficient city e-bike, look no further than the HEROTRI M-365X by Addmotor. This electric beach cruiser trike is built for two adults, making it perfect for cruising around the neighborhood or commuting to work. One standout feature of the M-365X is its impressive speed, comfort, and range. Multiple reviews highlight its ability to deliver a smooth and enjoyable ride experience. With a maximum range of 85 miles, you won't have to worry about running out of battery during your daily adventures. The M-365X also offers a range of useful features, including a headlight, LCD display, fenders, throttle, kickstand, rear rack, pedal assist, LED display, full suspension, fat tires, and a removable battery. These features add convenience and functionality, ensuring that you have everything you need for a comfortable ride. However, it's important to note that the M-365X does have some limitations. Several reviews mention that it's not a great pedaler, meaning that its pedaling capabilities may not be as efficient as some other e-bikes on the market. This is something to consider if you heavily rely on pedaling during your rides. In terms of upgrades, many reviewers suggest that hydraulic disc brakes could improve the performance of the M-365X even further. While the mechanical disc brakes currently equipped on the bike are sufficient, hydraulic disc brakes would provide even better stopping power and control. Overall, the HEROTRI M-365X is a solid option for those in search of a versatile and enjoyable e-bike. Its impressive speed, comfort, and range make it a great choice for both short trips around the neighborhood and longer commutes. With its array of useful features, it's ready to take on any adventure you have in mind. Keep in mind its limited pedaling capabilities, but know that upgrades like hydraulic disc brakes are available to enhance its performance.


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4 Reasons to Buy the HEROTRI M-365X

  • Fun and efficient city moped style e-bike
  • Good speed, comfort, and range
  • Offers various useful features
  • Upgrades like hydraulic disc brakes could improve performance

1 Reasons Not to Buy the HEROTRI M-365X

  • Not great pedaler (limited pedaling capabilities)

Bottom Line

The HEROTRI M-365X is a fun and efficient city e-bike that offers a great balance of speed, comfort, and range. It comes equipped with various useful features and has the potential for performance upgrades like hydraulic disc brakes. Although it may not be the best option for those looking for extensive pedaling capabilities, it excels in providing an enjoyable and convenient ride for urban commuters.

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Frequently Asked Questions - HEROTRI M-365X

What type of display does the HEROTRI M-365X have?

The HEROTRI M-365X features both an LCD and LED display, providing riders with essential ride information.
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How many gears does the HEROTRI M-365X have?

The HEROTRI M-365X comes with 7 gears for various riding conditions.

What can be updated on the HEROTRI M-365X to enhance performance?

Reviewers suggest that upgrading to hydraulic disc brakes could improve the performance of the HEROTRI M-365X.

Are there any known limitations of the HEROTRI M-365X?

The HEROTRI M-365X is not a great pedaler, meaning its pedaling capabilities are not as efficient as some other e-bikes, which could be a limitation for those who prefer pedaling.

What is the maximum range of the HEROTRI M-365X on a single charge?

The HEROTRI M-365X has an impressive maximum range of approximately 85 miles (136.7939 km) on a single charge.

Does the HEROTRI M-365X have features to support night riding?

Yes, the HEROTRI M-365X comes equipped with a headlight for better visibility during night rides.

What is the HEROTRI M-365X designed for?

The HEROTRI M-365X is designed as an electric beach cruiser trike for 2 adults, suitable for cruising around the neighborhood, commuting to work, and urban travel.

What type of brakes does the HEROTRI M-365X have?

The HEROTRI M-365X is equipped with mechanical disc brakes, but there is potential for an upgrade to hydraulic disc brakes according to reviewers.

Can the HEROTRI M-365X's battery be removed?

Yes, the HEROTRI M-365X includes a removable battery which adds convenience for charging.

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