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After pouring through countless reviews, we at Ride Review are excited to bring you an overview of the Big Sur 26" eBike by AIMA. This all-terrain eBike has been praised for its outstanding performance and robust feature set. In a recent exhaustive test of 10 Fat Tire e-bikes, the Big Sur stood out from the competition. It aced tests of stability, maneuverability, hill climbing, braking, and load towing, making it a top contender for those looking for a reliable and versatile eBike. One of the standout features of the Big Sur is its comfortable seat, which makes extended riding a breeze. Riders can tackle long commutes or adventurous off-road trails without experiencing discomfort. Built to last, the Big Sur boasts a sturdy build quality that ensures durability. This eBike can withstand the demands of heavy loads and varied terrains, making it suitable for riders who require a heavy-duty vehicle. With its impressive load capacity, the Big Sur is designed to handle even the heaviest loads. Whether you're carrying groceries or camping gear, this eBike won't let you down. Another highlight of the Big Sur is its long-range battery. Riders can enjoy extended usage without the need for frequent charging, providing a convenient and hassle-free riding experience. Off-road enthusiasts will also appreciate the Big Sur's good off-road capabilities. It can navigate various terrains with ease, allowing riders to explore new trails and take on exciting adventures. Equipped with a powerful 750W Bafang rear hub motor, the Big Sur offers ample performance and speed. Whether you need an extra boost on steep hills or want to reach your destination quickly, this eBike has got you covered. While the Big Sur offers an exceptional feature set, it's worth mentioning that it may come with a higher price tag compared to standard e-bikes. However, for riders who require heavy-duty capabilities and extended range, the investment may be well worth it. It's important to note that the Big Sur, with its fat tires and additional features, might be heavier or bulkier compared to standard eBikes. This could be a consideration for riders who prioritize a lightweight and compact design. Overall, the Big Sur 26" eBike by AIMA is a powerful and versatile option for riders who prioritize stability, comfort, and durability. While it may not be necessary for those who don't require heavy-duty capabilities or extended range, if you're looking for a reliable and capable eBike, the Big Sur is certainly worth considering.



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7 Reasons to Buy the Big Sur

  • Performed well in an exhaustive test of stability, maneuverability, hill climbing, braking, and load towing
  • Comfortable seat for extended riding
  • Sturdy build quality ensures durability
  • Impressive load capacity suitable for heavy loads
  • Long-range battery allows for extended usage without frequent charging
  • Good off-road capabilities for various terrains
  • Powerful motor aids in performance and speed

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Big Sur

  • Potential higher cost due to the robust feature set
  • May be heavier or bulkier than standard e-bikes due to fat tires and additional features
  • Could be overkill for those who don't require heavy-duty capabilities or extended range

Bottom Line

The Big Sur is a top-performing micromobility vehicle that excels in stability, maneuverability, and power. With its comfortable seat, durable build, and impressive load capacity, it's the perfect choice for riders who need a reliable and capable option for heavy loads and extended rides. While it may have a higher price tag and be bulkier than standard e-bikes, its exceptional off-road capabilities and long-range battery make it worth the investment for those who value performance and versatility.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Big Sur

How fast can the Big Sur eBike go?

Big Sur can go up to 20mph using the throttle and can reach up to 28mph when pedaling, due to its Class 2/3 categorization.
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Does the Big Sur have a removable battery?

Yes, the Big Sur has a removable battery, which features LG 21700 battery cells for long-range capability.

What kind of motor does the Big Sur eBike have?

The Big Sur is equipped with a powerful 750W Bafang rear hub motor.

What type of seat does the Big Sur eBike have?

The Big Sur eBike has a custom AIMA Comfort XL seat, designed to provide riders with a comfortable riding experience.

How much does the Big Sur eBike weigh?

The Big Sur eBike weighs 37.194544 kg (approximately 82 lbs).

What is the battery range of the Big Sur eBike?

The Big Sur has a maximum range of 96.5604 km (approximately 60 miles) on a single charge.

What type of terrain is the Big Sur eBike designed for?

The Big Sur is an all-terrain eBike, equipped with 26 x 4” fat tires suitable for various terrains including off-road trails.

What safety features does the Big Sur include?

The Big Sur features a specially-designed big headlight, extra-large 203mm brake rotors, and has a full UL2849 certification to enhance safety.

What is the maximum load capacity of the Big Sur eBike?

The specific weight capacity is not listed, but it's described as having an impressive load capacity suitable for carrying heavy loads.

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