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Introducing the RoadTek X, a powerful and durable electric cruiser bike that is sure to impress. With its fully encased Bafang 1000W mid-drive motor, 48V 17AH lithium-ion battery, and torque sensor, the RoadTek X is unmatched in power, durability, and safety. This eBike is perfect for cruising through any terrain with ease! One of the greatest features of the RoadTek X is its impressive build quality. Numerous reviewers have noted that the bike looks and feels great, giving riders a sense of confidence and reliability. Additionally, the standard adjustable ebike kickstand is sturdy enough to effortlessly hold this heavy bike without any issues. Riders can also appreciate the attention to detail that RoadTek has put into their product. The RoadTek X comes equipped with a Bafang color display with a USB port, allowing riders to conveniently charge their devices on the go. The super bright LED lights provide optimal visibility in low-light conditions, ensuring a safe and enjoyable ride. Additionally, the large cargo rack and mudguards add convenience and practicality to the eBike. When it comes to performance, the RoadTek X does not disappoint. The 7-speed Shimano transmission allows for smooth and precise shifting, while the disc hydraulic brakes deliver reliable stopping power. The eBike is also equipped with pedal assist and a throttle feature, providing riders with versatility and control over their ride. With full suspension, riders can expect a comfortable and smooth experience, even on rough terrain. In terms of specifications, the RoadTek X has a maximum range of 28 miles, making it suitable for longer rides. The weight capacity of 330 pounds ensures that riders of various sizes can enjoy this eBike. With its 26-inch wheel diameter and 4-inch width, the RoadTek X offers stability and traction on different surfaces. The aluminum frame contributes to the bike's overall lightweight design, weighing in at 83 pounds. Overall, the RoadTek X is a powerhouse of an eBike that delivers on power, durability, and safety. Its impressive features, such as the Bafang mid-drive motor, disc hydraulic brakes, and full suspension, make it a top choice for riders seeking a versatile and comfortable ride. Whether you're navigating city streets or conquering off-road trails, the RoadTek X is ready to take you there.



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6 Reasons to Buy the RoadTek X

  • Bafang Mid-drive 1000W motor
  • Sturdy design
  • Equipped with Hydraulic Disc brakes
  • 7-Speed Shimano gearing
  • Thumb throttle for easy acceleration
  • Torque sensor included

2 Reasons Not to Buy the RoadTek X

  • Heavy frame at 83 lbs
  • 28 mile range may be too short for riders looking for long trips

Bottom Line

Overall, the RoadTek X is a stylish and enjoyable micromobility vehicle that offers a comfortable and smooth ride. It comes with a sturdy kickstand and allows for customizable tire inflation, ensuring an optimal balance between speed and grip. Despite being available at Walmart, it proves that not all Big Box Bikes are bad choices.

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Frequently Asked Questions - RoadTek X

What kind of lighting does the RoadTek X have?

The RoadTek X is fitted with super bright LED lights for better visibility.
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What is the wheel size of the RoadTek X, and does it come with mudguards?

The RoadTek X has 26-inch wheels with a 4-inch width, and it comes equipped with mudguards.

Does the RoadTek X have any cargo space?

Yes, the RoadTek X comes with a large cargo rack for storage.

What is the motor power and battery capacity of the RoadTek X eBike?

The RoadTek X eBike is equipped with a Bafang 1000W mid-drive motor and comes with a 48V 17AH lithium-ion battery.

What type of brakes does the RoadTek X use?

The RoadTek X is fitted with disc YH16/160mm hydraulic brakes for efficient stopping power.

What is the gear system in the RoadTek X, and does it have a throttle?

The RoadTek X features a 7-speed Shimano transmission and comes with a thumb throttle for easy acceleration.

How far can the RoadTek X travel on a single charge?

The RoadTek X has a maximum range of approximately 28 miles per charge.

What is the weight capacity and actual weight of the RoadTek X?

The RoadTek X can accommodate riders with a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, and the bike itself weighs 83 pounds.

Does the RoadTek X come with a display and USB port?

Yes, the RoadTek X comes with a Bafang color display that includes a USB port.

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