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Updated: September, 2023


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If you're in the market for a foldable e-bike that can handle any terrain, look no further than the Engwe Engine Pro. This versatile bike has been receiving rave reviews for its performance and features. The Engine Pro boasts front and rear suspensions, providing a comfortable ride even on rough roads. With an adjustable seat and handlebars, riders can customize the bike to their preferred riding position. Plus, the bike's enormous tires offer excellent grip and ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. One standout feature of the Engine Pro is its lithium battery, which can be charged both on and off the bike. This flexibility allows users to conveniently charge the battery in the frame or remove it for charging. Additionally, the bike comes with a headlight and tail light, making it safe for night rides. Convenience is also a key aspect of the Engine Pro. The bike's folding mechanism enables easy transportation and storage, making it ideal for commuters or those with limited storage space. Plus, the hydraulic disc braking system provides swift stopping power, ensuring safety on the road. Comfort is not compromised with the Engine Pro. The bike features a soft leather seat that enhances the riding experience. Additionally, the 8-speed drivetrain allows for effortless climbing and descending of roads. Riders can easily adjust their speed to tackle any terrain. The LCD screen on the Engine Pro is another notable feature. It is easy to read and bright enough for all lighting conditions, providing riders with essential information at a glance. While the Engine Pro has many positives, there are a few drawbacks to consider. Firstly, the bike's weight can make it a bit challenging to lift, despite its foldable design. Additionally, the bike requires a key to be inserted at all times for use, and the location of the key slot is a bit problematic, located underneath the bike. Riders will have to bend down each time they need to insert or remove the key. Lastly, it's important to note that the Engine Pro has a high power output of 750W and can reach speeds of up to 28 mph. However, this may have legal constraints depending on your location. Overall, the Engwe Engine Pro is a top-of-the-range foldable e-bike that delivers on performance and features. With its comfortable ride, convenient folding mechanism, and powerful motor, it's no wonder that this bike has been highly recommended by reviewers. If you're in the market for a fat-tire e-bike, the Engwe Engine Pro should definitely be on your shortlist.



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10 Reasons to Buy the Engwe Engine Pro

  • The bike delivers a comfortable ride due to its front and rear suspensions.
  • It comes with an adjustable seat, and the handlebars’ height can also be adjusted to match the rider’s requirements.
  • The lithium battery can be charged in the frame or by removing it from the bike.
  • The bike’s enormous tires provide a good grip and comfortable riding.
  • The Engine Pro comes with a headlight and tail light, so you don’t have to worry about night rides.
  • The bike’s folding mechanism enables you to carry it in your car.
  • The hydraulic disc braking system provides you with swift stopping power. Hydraulic brakes also require less hand pressure in comparison to mechanical disc brakes.
  • A soft leather seat that adds comfort to your riding experience is mounted on the bike.
  • With the 8-speed drivetrain, you can effortlessly climb and descend roads.
  • The LCD screen is easy to read and is bright enough for all kinds of lighting conditions.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Engwe Engine Pro

  • Though the bike comes with a folding system, its weight makes it a little difficult to lift.
  • The Engine Pro requires a key inserted at all times for using the bike but the location of the key is a bit problematic. The bike lock is underneath the bike, and you have to bend down every time you need to insert it or take it out.
  • The high 750W/28 mph has some legal constraints.

Bottom Line

The Engwe Engine Pro 750W is a fun fat tire folding e-bike with plenty of features. The strong tires, rear rack, and quick and fast foldable design make it a good competitor among other e-bikes.


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