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At Ride Review, we know that finding the perfect eBike can be a challenge. That's why we've scoured the web to bring you an overview of the Fiido D21, a game-changing eBike that brings together affordability, functionality, and style. The Fiido D21 has caught our attention with its impressive features and positive reviews. One standout feature is its safety-conscious design, boasting front, back, and side reflectors to enhance visibility during rides. This is a critical feature for us at Ride Review, as we believe in promoting safe riding practices. Convenience is also at the forefront of the Fiido D21, with a display and USB port conveniently placed on the handlebars. This allows riders to easily access vital information such as current speed and ride details. Plus, the presence of a USB port means charging your devices on the go is a breeze. We're also impressed by the motor on the Fiido D21, which operates silently during rides. This is a significant advantage for riders who prefer a noise-free experience, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the joy of cycling. Additionally, the bike's battery is located in the seat tube, ensuring easy removal and management. The Fiido D21 sets itself apart with its pedal-assist option, making rides effortlessly enjoyable. Whether you're commuting to work or exploring new terrains, the pedal-assist feature allows for a smooth and efficient ride. And speaking of terrain, the comfortable seat on the Fiido D21 ensures a pleasant experience even on uneven surfaces. Quality is paramount when it comes to eBikes, and the Fiido D21 does not disappoint. With Shimano gears that operate silently and a sturdy folding mechanism, this bike exudes durability. Plus, for added convenience, the charger for the battery is included at no additional cost. While the Fiido D21 showcases a range of impressive features, it's important to note a few potential drawbacks. Adjustability is limited, as the handlebar height cannot be modified. Additionally, the paintwork on the bike is vulnerable to chipping, requiring extra care during use. Lastly, the smaller wheels and thinner tires may not be suitable for those seeking a rugged off-road experience. In summary, the Fiido D21 is an affordable and functional eBike with a sleek design and advanced features. Its impeccable safety measures, convenient display and USB port, silent motor, and pedal-assist option make it a standout choice for riders of all levels. While there are a few minor drawbacks to consider, we believe that the Fiido D21 is a promising option for those in search of a reliable and stylish eBike.


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10 Reasons to Buy the Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike

  • Has front, back, and side reflectors to make it more visible.
  • There is a display with a USB port on the handlebars.
  • The LCD display allows you to always check your current speed and other ride details.
  • The great 250W motor on this bike does not make any sound during bike rides.
  • Battery is located in the seat tube, so it is easy to take it out and manage.
  • Pedal-assist option makes riding this bike effortless.
  • Bike has a durable feel, whereas the folding mechanism works perfectly.
  • Comfortable seat is perfect for riding on uneven terrain.
  • Quality Shimano gears on the bike that do not make any noise at all.
  • Charger for this bike’s battery comes with the bike and at no additional cost.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike

  • The handlebar height is not adjustable, so you have to use it in the position that it comes.
  • Quite easy to chip the paintwork on the bike.
  • The wheels on this bike are a bit small and the tires are not that thick.

Bottom Line

The Fiido D21 is perfect for people who want a folding electric bike that can fit even in the tightest storage spaces. The folding frame is only one of the bike’s many great features, so make sure to check the other features before making your final purchase decision!

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Frequently Asked Questions - Fiido D21

What special features enhance the Fiido D21's safety for riding?

The Fiido D21 comes with front, back, and side reflectors to enhance visibility for safer riding.
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Are the gears on the Fiido D21 noisy when shifting?

No, the Fiido D21 is equipped with quality Shimano gears that operate silently.

What should I be aware of when it comes to the bike's paintwork?

The paintwork on the Fiido D21 is prone to chipping, so it requires extra care during use.

Can the handlebar height be adjusted on the Fiido D21?

No, the handlebar height on the Fiido D21 is not adjustable.

What is the battery range for the Fiido D21?

The Fiido D21 offers a maximum range of up to 100 kilometers on a single charge.

How much does the Fiido D21 weigh?

The Fiido D21 weighs approximately 12.9 kilograms, making it lightweight and manageable.

Is there any way to charge my devices using the Fiido D21?

Yes, the Fiido D21 is equipped with a display that has a USB port on the handlebars, allowing you to charge devices on the go.

Does the Fiido D21 come with a torque sensor?

Yes, the Fiido D21 features a torque sensor that is an improvement over its predecessor, the D11.

Is the Fiido D21 suitable for constantly folding and unfolding for transport?

Yes, the Fiido D21 is designed for convenience with its folding frame, making it suitable for transport and easy to lift.

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