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Youth V1 Atlas Helmet

Updated: November, 2023


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We at Ride Review have scoured the web to bring you an overview of the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet, a dirt bike helmet from Moto. This helmet boasts excellent safety features, comfort, and versatility. One standout feature of the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet is its use of Mips (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology. Mips is designed to enhance safety by providing improved energy dispersion during crashes. This means that in the unfortunate event of an accident, the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet is engineered to provide added protection to your head. In terms of fit, the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet has received positive reviews. Riders have found it to provide a comfortable fit, allowing them to focus on their ride without distractions. The helmet also features an adjustable visor with breakaway side screws, giving riders the flexibility to customize the visor position to their liking. Comfort and moisture management are essential factors in a dirt bike helmet, and the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet excels in this area. Riders appreciate the helmet's excellent airflow, which helps keep them cool and comfortable during long rides. Additionally, the helmet includes a removable and washable liner and cheek pads, making it easy to maintain freshness and hygiene. While we couldn't find any specific cons mentioned in the reviews, it's worth noting that pricing may be a consideration for some riders. The Youth V1 Atlas Helmet is priced at $199.95, which places it in the mid-range price category for dirt bike helmets. However, considering its safety features, comfort, and overall quality, many riders may find the price justified. Overall, the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet offers great value for riders looking for a reliable and comfortable dirt bike helmet. With its safety features, adjustable visor, excellent airflow, and removable liner and cheek pads, it's a solid choice that combines performance and functionality.




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5 Reasons to Buy the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet

  • Great safety features with Mips technology
  • Provides a comfortable fit
  • Adjustable visor for versatile use
  • Excellent airflow for comfort and moisture management
  • Removable and washable liner and cheek pads

1 Reasons Not to Buy the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet

  • Pricier than other youth helmets on the market

Bottom Line

Overall, the Youth V1 Atlas Helmet is a top choice for young riders who prioritize safety, comfort, and versatility. With its Mips technology and adjustable visor, it offers outstanding protection and adaptability. The excellent airflow and removable/washable liner make it a comfortable and convenient option, ensuring a pleasant riding experience.


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