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If you're on the hunt for the perfect eBike, the Ghost E-Teru may just be the ride you've been looking for. With its sleek design, powerful performance, and thoughtful features, this bike is a true standout in the world of micromobility. One of the standout features of the Ghost E-Teru is its removable battery. This allows for easy charging and gives you the flexibility to swap out batteries if needed. Plus, with the bike available in multiple sizes and colors, you can find the perfect fit and style for your riding needs. The Superfit geometry of the Ghost E-Teru ensures a comfortable and smooth riding experience, and the adjustable saddle adds to the overall comfort. The bike also features internal cable routing, giving it a clean and streamlined look. In terms of performance, the Ghost E-Teru is powered by the Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4, which provides stable and reliable power. The strong aluminum frame adds durability and stability to your ride. The Ghost E-Teru also offers some convenient features, such as a bottle cage and luggage rack, making it easy to carry your essentials while riding. The bike comes with a Bosch 4A battery charger and is kickstand ready, providing added convenience. While the Ghost E-Teru has received rave reviews for its quality and features, there are a few minor drawbacks to consider. Some users have noted that the handlebars may be a bit lower than ideal, so it's important to take this into account when considering your riding preferences. Additionally, the Ghost E-Teru is priced on the higher end, which may be a deciding factor for some budget-conscious riders. Finally, due to the high demand for bicycles, you may need to pre-order the Ghost E-Teru to secure one for yourself. Overall, the Ghost E-Teru is a top contender in the world of eBikes. Its combination of features, performance, and style make it a compelling choice for riders of all levels. So if you're ready to take your rides to the next level, the Ghost E-Teru is definitely worth a closer look.



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10 Reasons to Buy the Ghost E-Teru Trail

  • Removable battery.
  • The bike is available in multiple bike sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large.
  • Available in different colors.
  • Perfect Superfit geometry.
  • The bike’s adjustable saddle delivers a smooth riding experience.
  • The bike features internal cable routing.
  • Available features such as a bottle cage and luggage rack.
  • Bosch Performance Line CX Gen4 enables a stable performance.
  • The bike has a strong aluminum frame.
  • Comes with a Bosch 4A battery charger and is kickstand ready.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Ghost E-Teru

  • Handlebars may be a little lower than they should be.
  • A bit expensive.
  • You might need to pre-order due to the high demand for bicycles.

Bottom Line

The Ghost E-Teru is an ideal option for anyone seeking a tough electric mountain bike thanks to its high-quality components and features.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Ghost E-Teru

Are there multiple sizes available for the Ghost E-Teru?

Yes, the Ghost E-Teru is available in multiple bike sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large.
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What is the price of the Ghost E-Teru?

The Ghost E-Teru is priced at 2455 USD.

What type of motor does the Ghost E-Teru use?

The Ghost E-Teru is equipped with a Bosch Performance CX Gen4 motor.

Is the battery of the Ghost E-Teru removable?

Yes, the Ghost E-Teru's battery is removable, allowing for easy charging and the option to swap out batteries.

What is the battery capacity of the Ghost E-Teru?

The Ghost E-Teru comes with a 750 Wh integrated, removable Bosch power tube battery.

What is the frame material of the Ghost E-Teru eBike?

The Ghost E-Teru eBike has an aluminum frame.

What is the maximum range of the Ghost E-Teru on a single charge?

The Ghost E-Teru has a maximum range of up to 50 km (kilometers) on a single charge.

What type of brakes does the Ghost E-Teru feature?

The Ghost E-Teru is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes.

How many gears does the Ghost E-Teru have?

The Ghost E-Teru has 9 gears.

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