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Updated: September, 2023
If you're an avid mountain biker like me, you know the thrill of conquering challenging trails and the satisfaction of pushing yourself to new limits. That's why I was incredibly excited to get my hands on the GT Force Amp. With its powerful Shimano EP8 motor, this eBike is ready to take on any trail with ease. One of the standout features of the GT Force Amp is its impressive motor. Delivering a peak torque of 85Nm, this bike has the power you need to tackle even the steepest inclines. And thanks to its wide ground clearance, it can handle large obstacles with ease. The 29-inch wheels on the GT Force Amp also contribute to its exceptional performance. With ideal performance on long, flat trails, these wheels provide a smooth and responsive ride. Plus, the solid metal case ensures that the bike is protected against stone impacts, so you can ride with confidence. When it comes to user experience, the GT Force Amp doesn't disappoint. The Shimano E-tube application provides a detailed and user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily customize your ride. And with the RockShox suspension, this bike is reliable and easily configurable. Whether you're tackling technical descents or climbing steep tracks, the GT Force Amp has got you covered. Another aspect that I appreciate about the GT Force Amp is its attention to comfort and control. The built-in pedal assist makes it a breeze to navigate steep trails, while the steep seat tube angle allows for efficient and comfortable climbing. Plus, the handlebars are perfectly positioned for optimal control and efficient pedaling. In terms of capabilities, the GT Force Amp shines. The rear suspension offers excellent control and rear grip, ensuring a smooth and stable ride. And with the E-tube application, you can configure every assistance mode according to your specific requirements. It's worth noting that the GT Force Amp is available in multiple sizes, allowing riders of all heights to find their perfect fit. However, it's important to mention that some users have reported noise from the battery cover when riding on bumpy terrains. Additionally, handling this bike at slow speeds on tricky terrains may require some practice. Lastly, it's worth considering the price of the GT Force Amp. While it may be a bit more expensive compared to other options on the market, its superior spec and impressive performance make it well worth the investment. In summary, the GT Force Amp is a trailblazing eBike that delivers a powerful and exhilarating ride. With its top-notch motor, responsive wheels, and user-friendly interface, this bike is designed for pure fun. Whether you're a seasoned mountain biker or a beginner looking to take on new challenges, the GT Force Amp is ready to elevate your riding experience.


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10 Reasons to Buy the GT Force Amp

  • The powerful Shimano EP8 motor delivers 85Nm of peak torque.
  • The bike’s size allows it to maintain a wide ground clearance to overcome large obstacles. The 29 in. wheels deliver ideal performance on long, flat trails.
  • The solid metal case keeps it protected against stone impacts.
  • The Shimano E-tube application comes with a detailed and user-friendly interface.
  • GT Force Amp comes with a RockShox suspension, making it a reliable and easily-configurable ride.
  • The built-in pedal assist allows you to easily travel through steep tracks. A steep seat tube angle allows efficient and comfortable climbing.
  • The handlebars are at the perfect height to be in control and allow you to pedal efficiently.
  • The bike’s rear suspension offers excellent control and rear grip.
  • With the E-tube application, you can configure every assistance mode according to requirements.
  • The GT Force comes in multiple sizes.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the GT Force Amp

  • The battery cover makes some noise when taken on bumpy terrains.
  • It’s a little difficult to handle this bike on tricky terrains at a slow speed.
  • The bike is rather an expensive purchase compared to other options on the market.

Bottom Line

The GT Force Amp is a bike that can be your reliable adventure partner. The bike has an impressive design and a well-integrated battery and motor, making it a comfortable bike to ride. The GT Force Amp’s several features make it a fun ride. Coming from a dependable brand, the bike delivers all that it claims.


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