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Hamax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat

Updated: September, 2023


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If you're an avid cyclist and a parent, you may find yourself facing a difficult decision—how to safely bring your child along for the ride. We at Ride Review understand the importance of finding a child bike seat that combines comfort, security, and ease of use, so we dug into the reviews to find the perfect option. Enter the Hamax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat. One of the standout features of the Hamax Caress is its two-point belt system, designed to keep your child secure and comfortable during rides. Reviewers consistently praised this aspect, noting that the straps were unique, with rubber padding inserts that prevent them from sliding up or down. This attention to detail ensures a snug fit and eliminates any discomfort for your little one. When it comes to safety, the Hamax Caress doesn't disappoint. It has been rigorously tested according to international standards, providing peace of mind for parents concerned about their child's well-being. However, some reviewers did express dissatisfaction with the clamping system used to secure the seat to their bike frames. It seems that this aspect may require some extra effort to properly install and adjust. Comfort is another area where the Hamax Caress shines. Both parents and little riders alike raved about the seat's level of comfort, even on longer trips. One reviewer mentioned that they wished they had purchased the seat sooner, as their child loved it and frequently requested bike rides. Additionally, the seat fixes to the down tube, making it easy to attach and remove as needed. It's worth noting that the Hamax Caress does have one glaring drawback—it provides limited protection for children in the event of an accident or a fall from the bike. While the seat excels in terms of keeping your child secure during normal riding conditions, it may not offer the same level of protection in more catastrophic situations. In conclusion, the Hamax Caress Rear Child Bike Seat offers a comfortable and secure ride for your little one. With its unique two-point belt system, international safety standards, and overall ease of use, this seat is a solid choice for any cycling parent. Just keep in mind its limitations when it comes to providing extra protection in emergency scenarios.

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3 Reasons to Buy the Hamax Caress Rear Child Seat

  • Two-point belt system keeps the child secure and comfortable during rides.
  • It has been tested according to international standards.
  • Extremely comfortable for short and long trips.

2 Reasons Not to Buy the Hamax Caress Child Seat

  • Some dissatisfaction with the clamping system used to secure it on their bike frames.
  • Provides little protection for children in case of an accident or a fall from the bike.

Bottom Line

The Hamax Caress rear child seat is the perfect solution for parents looking to quickly and safely transport their kids. With a five-point harness system, adjustable footrests, reflectors, and durable construction, it has all the necessary features to ensure your child's safety.


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