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Updated: June, 2024

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I've been reviewing micromobility vehicles for many years, but this is my first in-depth review of an electric unicycle, or EUC. This vehicle type doesn't get as much coverage from personal electric vehicle reviewers as more common types like e-bikes, scooters, and mopeds; much of the content you'll find is from channels focused on EUCs with a mix of review and lifestyle/influencer content. I think there are good reasons for this, headlined by the steep learning curve for riding an EUC and the relative risk of use even for skilled riders... but I'll dive more into that topic in another article. For now, let's dive in to the V12 Pro!

This is the latest edition in INMOTION's popular V12 product line

The V12 model has long been recognized as a great all-arounder EUC. It's approachable enough for beginners, can handle a wide variety of terrain, and goes fast enough to satisfy many advanced riders. Before now there were two variants of the V12: The HT (high torque) and the HS (high speed). The Pro is essentially an iteration on the HT model, here is everything new:

  • New CMF, which stands for Cosmetic, Materials, and Finish. Odd that INMOTION included this term on their product page, but hey now you know what it means! The most noticeable change is that there's lots of orange now

  • Upgraded Huntek MOSFETs which improves the safety and thermal stability of the wheel. Previous versions of the V12 had MOSFETs which couldn't handle the maximum voltage of the wheel, resulting in cutouts and dangerous crashes when the wheel was pushed too hard

  • New Raptor controller, which is more efficient so you get more range, and also even higher torque (a whopping 160 newton-meters now)

  • Multi-wheel connection speaker system, presumably allowing you to link the speakers from multiple wheels together into one large mobile sound system. I didn't find any instructions for how to actually do this and don't know anyone else with the same wheel... but it's a fun idea!

Those are all the changes that I know of, which doesn't sound like a lot... but I think that's a good thing. INMOTION is focused on improving the safety and reliability of this EUC, along with some appreciable performance increases for range and torque. Plus, the Pro is the same price as the other two variants, so it's a no-brainer if you're considering the HT version... provided you don't hate the color orange, of course 😉

The best all-around EUC without suspension

I've spent some time reading EUC forums and the only consistent negative I can find for the V12 line is that it lacks suspension. I've actually never ridden an EUC with suspension, so I can't comment on this in depth, but I do think it's good to at least learn to ride one without suspension first. The ability to use your body to absorb shocks is an important skill for preventing injury, and using this skill makes me feel more engaged in the ride experience. Still, suspension does have its perks, especially if extreme off-road riding is going to be your primary use case.

Suspension aside, the V12 Pro can tackle pretty much anything. 160nm of torque plus a knobby 3" off-road tire makes tearing around on trails a delight, and it has enough range that you can explore for hours on end without worrying about staying near an outlet. It's also quite durable; I've put mine through a few crashes already, including one that sent it bouncing down a hill, and aside from some scuffs and scratches it's none the worse for wear. It's a tank!

The V12 Pro feels at home on city streets as well, especially when set to commuting mode for softer pedal response. You can also lower the foot pads down, although this requires tools and a few minutes of time. The long range is a big win here too, as you'll probably never need to bring a charger along even for a full day of commuting. The locking trolley handle is sturdy and makes rolling the wheel around a breeze, and there's also an integrated kickstand so you don't have to awkwardly balance it against a wall like with many other EUCs.

Official app, third-party alternatives, and an integrated touchscreen: lots of control options!

There's a lot of hate for INMOTION's official app, but most of it seems written for older versions. This is my first experience with it, and I think it's pretty good; sure, there's some awkward language translations, but it's worked well enough so far. I did have to watch some YouTube videos to learn what the heck some of the settings do, because there are a LOT of options in this app! You can configure an astounding number of settings to precisely customize how your EUC rides, which can feel daunting for a beginner. The good news is that you don't have to touch any of it to start riding, and when you're ready to go deeper I recommend you start with this guide from mrelwood EUC.

If you still don't like INMOTION's app for whatever reason, there are alternatives: DarknessBot for iOS users, and EUC World for those on Android. I've used DarknessBot with other wheels and quite like it, especially because you can download sound packs to make your wheel sound like a TRON Cycle or various other cool vehicles.

However, something cool about the V12 Pro is that you don't actually need to use any apps; you can control the basic stuff right from the integrated touchscreen on the top of the wheel! This also shows basic stats, including speed, and mostly eliminates the need to pull out your phone while riding. You can control the integrated lights with quick presses of the power button, and I want to mention how awesome the lights are; the quad-beam headlight is incredibly bright, and there's an automatic taillight with a bright braking mode.

There's also rainbow LEDs on the sides of the wheel, which can flash in custom patterns or sync up to your music. Speaking of music, the quad speaker system --while lacking bass-- is clear and loud as heck! While I don't condone blasting music, I do think it's a good idea to turn some on at a reasonable volume, or to enable some artificial vehicle sounds. This will help people to hear you coming, because other than some tire noise on the road these wheels are virtually silent!

There are many options for upgrades and customizations for different riding styles

Want to sit on your EUC instead of standing? How about some side pads that grip your leg and keep you locked in on jumps? Or maybe just some bigger foot pads? The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing EUCs, and many of these new parts can make it feel like you have a brand new wheel with a completely different riding style. I highly recommend eWheels for all your EUC-related part shopping; they simply have everything and for a better price than anywhere else.

I would also recommend investing in protective riding gear. The single-wheel nature of an EUC means that any mechanical failure will likely result in a gnarly crash, one where physics will hurl you into the ground with surprisingly little time to react. A full-face helmet is a must, along with wrist guards and some kneepads. My riding gear is from Beyond Riders and it's served me well so far!



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Reasons to Buy the V12 Pro

  • Solid improvement to the V12 line, improving the safety, reliability, and performance of an already excellent EUC

  • "Do Everything" wheel that can be configured for smooth commuting or powerful off-road adventuring

  • Sturdy trolley handle and integrated kickstand make moving and storage a breeze

  • Infinitely customizable ride experience: commuting or off-road modes, adjustable pedal hardness, acceleration/braking fancy modes, and so much more

  • Powerful integrated lighting with automatic brake mode and high/low beams, plus rainbow LEDs for side visibility and cool vibes

  • Built like a tank, durable enough to handle anything from light bumps to full-on crashes

  • Incredibly powerful with torque of 160 newton-meters, making this a hill climbing monster!

  • New Raptor controller provides more efficiency for a maximum range of 99 miles (160km), great for long commutes and exploring

  • Approachable enough to be beginner friendly, yet powerful enough to keep advanced riders happy

Reasons Not to Buy the V12 Pro

  • No suspension, so not suited for the most extreme off-road riding

  • Hefty weight of 65lb (30kg) can be inconvenient or intimidating, especially when stairs are involved

Bottom Line

The V12 Pro is a solid improvement on what was already an excellent EUC, a competent "do everything" wheel that's at home on both city streets and off-road trails. It's an excellent choice for both new and experienced riders who want a capable and reliable wheel.

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