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Updated: September, 2023


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Have you ever wanted to go for a ride with a partner or take your child along on your electric scooter, but found yourself crammed for space? The Joyor F1 solves that problem with its spacious and "super-sized" deck, allowing for a comfortable and enjoyable ride with someone else. One standout feature of the Joyor F1 is its impressive range. With a maximum travel distance of 25.5 miles on a single charge, you can confidently embark on longer rides without worrying about running out of battery power. And when it comes to acceleration, this scooter offers controlled and smooth performance, making for a safe and enjoyable riding experience. The Joyor F1 is equipped with 8-inch front and rear tires that are not only high-quality and shock-absorbent but also feature anti-slip threads. This ensures a stable and secure grip on the road, even in challenging conditions. The scooter's speed is complemented by its ability to maintain a steady pace using cruise control and sensitive input from speed sensors. One of the standout advantages of the Joyor F1 is its short charging time. With just 3-4 hours, you can fully recharge its battery, allowing you to spend more time riding and less time waiting for the scooter to charge. Speaking of speed, the Joyor F1 can reach speeds of up to 18.6 mph, providing a thrilling and exhilarating ride. To accommodate riders of different heights, the handlebar of the Joyor F1 is adjustable, ensuring a comfortable riding position for everyone. Additionally, the internal parameters of the scooter can be easily adjusted to suit your preferences, giving you more control over your riding experience. In terms of safety, the Joyor F1 is equipped with a rear drum brake and regenerative braking, providing reliable and responsive stopping power when needed. However, it is worth noting that some users have reported that the "ultra-bright" headlights are not as bright as advertised, potentially limiting visibility in darker conditions or on crowded roads. While the motor of the Joyor F1 is not as powerful as the 500W brushless DC motor found in the X5S, it still offers satisfactory performance for most riders. It's important to mention that there have been some complaints regarding the customer service provided by the company, Joyor. However, these complaints do not appear to be directed at the product itself. In summary, the Joyor F1 is a reliable and foldable e-scooter that strikes a balance between design, portability, and performance. Its spacious deck, impressive range, and adjustable features make it a great choice for riders looking to share the experience or take their child along. Despite some minor drawbacks with the headlights and motor, the Joyor F1 offers an enjoyable and exciting ride for both teens and adults alike.


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10 Reasons to Purchase the Joyor F1

  • Spacious and “super-sized” deck allows for you to ride with a partner or a child without worrying about cramped space standing.
  • Up to a maximum of 25.5 miles of travel on a single charge of the battery.
  • Allows for controlled acceleration.
  • 8” front and rear tires are high-quality and shock absorbent with anti-slip threads.
  • Utilizes “cruise control” and receives sensitive input from speed sensors to maintain or adjust based on the tension or pace of riders.
  • Super short charging time to regain a full charge – only 3-4 hours.
  • Speeds of up to 18.6 mph still ensure that this scooter is fast.
  • Handlebar is height adjustable.
  • Internal parameters can easily be adjusted.
  • Rear drum brake and regenerative braking.

3 Reasons to Not Purchase the Joyor F1

  • “Ultra-bright” headlights aren’t actually close to as bright as advertised, and may not serve you well on darker nights or more crowded roads.
  • Motor is still a downgrade from the 2020’s 500W brushless DC motor found in the X5S.
  • Plenty of negative feedback regarding the company’s customer service (Joyor), but none directed towards the product itself.

Bottom Line

A lot of customer reviews tend to slight the Joyor F1 for the quality of customer service of the company – stating that they received a broken or damaged model, and heard nothing back when contacting the company. Unfortunately, this tends to speak to the company themselves rather than the build of the vehicle.


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